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Scars of Independence: America's Violent Birth
A lecture on the newly released book
Hatcher Graduate Library, Gallery
May 16, 2017 6:00 - 7:30PM

Former Clements researcher and historian, Holger Hoock, author of Scars of Independence will discuss the violence of the American Revolution and the inherent tensions between 
moral purpose and violent tendencies in America's past. 

Holger Hoock is the J. Carroll Amundson Professor of British History at the University of Pittsburgh. He was born in Germany, studied at Freiburg and Cambridge, and received his doctorate in modern history from Oxford.

Books will be available for purchase. Register for the event 
here .
Clements Exhibits
Visit the Library on Fridays from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM to view current exhibits on display. The exhibits are open and free to the public. 

Mapping in the Enlightenment:  Science, Innovation, and the Public Sphere

On exhibit until October 27, 2017

For more information, please visit our website here.

Upcoming Tours
Join us on a tour to explore the newly renovated, award winning library.  Please register by selecting a link below.

Mapping in the Enlightenment: Science, Innovation, and the Public Sphere: 

Out of the Ordinary: Gems & Oddities Trivia Answers REVEALED
Many of you who visited our previou s exhibit might have participated in the trivia 
What Is That Thing?  We invited visitors to identify objects in case 16.  We can now reveal their names and purposes!  Read what the mystery objects were below: 
First Item: Powder Tester

The first object is an eprouvette or gunpowder tester. To determine the quality of powder a small amount is placed in the tiny vertical barrel, the muzzle of which is covered with a flap connected to the notched and calibrated wheel. The flintlock on the side is primed and, with a squeeze of the trigger, the powder sample is ignited.  The force of the explosion is conveyed to the calibrated wheel so the tester can measure the strength of the powder.  The most imaginative visitor guess on this was an "eighteenth-century pizza cutter!"
Middle Item: Flash Pistol

The middle object is a photographer's flash pistol, used before flashbulbs to light a scene.  Only three individuals correctly identified this item.  The majority of our trivia players guessed that this was some type of stamp.
Last Item: Sticking Tommie

The final, right-hand item is called a "sticking tommie," a wrought iron candle holder that can be hung or driven into a post to provide illumination.
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