Hosting a booth for your business is an exciting opportunity to share your products and services and showcase the value it offers to the community.

TIP #1 - Booth Vision

Determine your booth vision. What do you want potential clients to see and think about your booth and business?

  • Match your branding
  • First impressions are crucial
  • Have engaging activities
  • Create an experience
Keep the weather in mind. For instance, wind might be an issue if your booth or table has papers on it.

A few dos and don'ts.
First, let's start with the dos.

  • Prepare 3 - 6 engaging questions before the event
  • Ask questions that stimulate thought and encourage conversation
  • Be friendly and non-threatening
  • Dress comfortably (this is an outdoor event), but professionally
  • Review dos and don'ts with all booth workers

Here are some don'ts you want to avoid.

  • Ignore prospects by clustering or chatting with colleagues
  • Use the telephone while visitors are around
  • Leave the booth unattended or leave without informing colleagues
  • Use inappropriate language, complain about the event or about being there
  • Badmouth your competitors
Follow these steps to determine your booth vision and create an amazing booth experience for your business and Clemmons Community Day attendees!

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