Hosting a booth for your business is an exciting opportunity to share your products and services and showcase the value it offers to the community.

TIP #6 - Perfect Your Elevator Pitch

What is an elevator pitch?
The Balance defines it as a way to share your expertise and credentials quickly and effectively with people who don't know you . Here are a few tips to create your perfect pitch:

  • Make it 30 seconds or less
  • It needs to answer what, why, and how for every potential customer
  • WHAT – Brief description of your product or service
  • WHY – Shares how you can help them or their business
  • HOW – What are the next steps to get your product or service

Everyone working the booth should practice the elevator pitch multiple times!
We want to help you connect with Clemmons Community Day attendees! Follow these steps to craft the perfect pitch and create an amazing booth experience!

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