Officers & Leaders Online Entry
As announced previously, the conference is giving churches the opportunity to enter the information for the Officers & Leaders Charge Conference report online this year. Online access to this form is now available. Here are some instructions on how to enter this info:

Please complete the Officers/Leaders form online so that your necessary changes from year-to-year will be minimal. You will login with your clergy account on or, if you have supplied us with a church staff person’s email then that person can be assigned to keep this form updated throughout the year. You may now use your email address as your username, as long as it matches what the district office has on file.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a church secretary or other staff or volunteer who will be performing this function, please contact the district office to give us their name and email address so that we can provide them online access.

1) Upon login, the form can be found on your account page where “Leader and Consultation Forms” are located in the side menu or top of the page.

2) Proceed thru the form step-by-step as you would for each page on the paper form. The red buttons you will find on the entry page indicate the form pages (see example below). You can update the form partially, click "save and return later” and complete it later, as needed.  BE SURE to click save on the bottom of each page entered or entries will not be retained. 

3) When all entries are complete, be sure to go to the final step/page and click submit. You will then receive instructions on how you can download your own pdf copy of the form and how to return later to make changes. The district office also automatically receives a copy via email notification.

4) When returning later in the year to update an officer listing, you will first click the “unlock” button on the first page of the form. This will allow your district office to be notified that you have updated the form. As prior, you will want to proceed to the final page to submit your changes.
5) Clergy contact information changes can NOT be made via this form. Those changes should always go directly to the district office.

Please note that while it is not a requirement that you use this online method of preparing the Officers and Leaders report, there are several benefits to using it:
  • The data will be retained in and future entry (especially when leadership doesn't change much) will be SIGNIFICANTLY faster. Rather than retyping or hand printing the entire seven pages each year, you will simply update the positions where there was a change.
  • The form is set up to auto-fill contact information on persons who are already in the system, saving you from re-entering all of their info over and over if they serve multiple positions. Once you enter their email address, all of the other information will be pulled in automatically.
  • On committees such as PPR or Finance that include members who are on the committee by virtue of their position (Lay Leader, Treasurer, etc.) those positions will be auto-filled with that person's name and contact info.
  • If you have a change in leadership, or one of your leaders has a change of address, you can quickly make the change online rather than having to call or email the district office. We will receive notification when the change is made so that we can update the official record in the conference database.
  • Entering the information online allows you to print a neat and legible report to include with your charge conference reports.

Feel free to contact Betty at the district office if you are having difficulty with entering the form.

Example page (click for larger image):
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