As part of our Sermon on the Mount sermon series, we invite you to join us in watching conversations our pastors are having with local leaders, exploring the intersection of our faith and anti-racism work.  It is our prayer that these conversations, and the additional resources that accompany them, will help guide us on our pro-baptismal/anti-racist journey. 

This week's conversation features Rev. Will McLeane and special guest Rev. Crystal DesVignes, Pastor of CityWell in Durham, NC, discussing a needed spirituality for the long haul.  Click here or on the video above to watch.

Additional resources:

SCRIPTURE:  Matthew 6:1-18

REFLECT/THINK: Consider These Questions (by yourself or with family/friends)

LISTEN:  Father, Let Your Kingdom Come (warning: this may make you want to dance)

CHECK OUT:  CityWell