August 2016
Director's Corner
A Message from Steve Sanders
Special Announcement

   The FCA Family would like to announce the newest addition to Cleveland FCA,  Steven Michael Sanders II.

Congratulations to the Sanders family as they welcome their little boy!
Monthly Motivation: 
Are you focused on your purpose or someone else's?

Many of us have spent much of August watching the Summer Olympics in Rio. If you were like many Americans then the US Swim Team caught your attention, especially Michael Phelps and his record breaking medals.  Michael and Chad le Clos of South Africa, who he lost the gold in the 200 meter Butterfly to in the 2012 Summer Olympics, also gained a lot of attention due to the rivalry between the two swimmeers. Michael stayed focused on the race and the prize before him while his competitor was focused on Phelps. The rest is history as they say, Phelps won by a wide margin to regain the title.

I've always lived by "What God has for you is for you". There is no need to be concerned with what someone else is doing. Stay focused on what you were called to do and you can't lose!

Your opponents/haters (enemy) will try to distract you, intimidate you and get you to give up! Why...Because that is the only way they can defeat you!
  Happy 2 Year Anniversary!
  Steve and Mirica Sanders!
August 31, 2016
Check out what we have been up to... 

The 2016/17 School year has begun!!! 

That means that the FCA Huddles will be starting up again in middle schools and high schools around the Greater Cleveland area. We have a few new groups that have begun this year and we are looking forward to having a presence in even more local schools. 

The time has never been more vital for FCA to have a presence in our schools. FCA offers truth, hope and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ to athletes and coaches and all that they influence.
Meet the new faces at 
Cleveland FCA
     Meet Bill Ferber!  Bill   joined the Metro Cleveland FCA Board in July 2016. Bill is a husband to his wife Angie, a father to their son Billy, a son to Bill and Elyse, and the oldest of five.  He and Angie first met while studying at The Ohio State University.  Bill is a Financial Life Planner and business partner with fellow board member Bob Bove.  In June 2015 he, Bob, and Angie established The 4:8 Group - a faith-driven financial advisory firm.    
Bill's connection to athletics began when he was three and he first learned to snow ski. From there soccer, tennis, and competitive sailing soon followed.  His connection to Christ dates back to an early age as well but Bill will tell you he 
reconnected with our Lord following the birth of their son. 
Bill, Angie, and Billy reside currently in Amherst. 

Upcoming Events
Cleveland FCA Speaker Series  

Save the Date:
September 29, 2016
October 27, 2016
December 1, 2016
Details coming soon!
Stay Tuned:
There are two events coming to an area near you!
The Fellowship of Christian Athletes proudly presents Fields of Faith, a student led event held each year in the beginning of October. Students invite, pray for, share with, and challenge their peers to read the Bible and follow Jesus Christ.
Lake Erie Crushers Stadium
*In Partnership with the Lake Erie Crushers 

FCA will be making a big push to promote 
our presence in Lorain County through this event!
Nordonia High School Stadium
Steve Sanders will be speaking at 
"Attribute" series

*October 20, 2016 from  7-8:30am
*DoubleTree Hilton
6200 Quarry Lane
44131 Independence OH

Reservations required
Click HERE to Register