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Cedar-Lee-Meadowbrook development gains 'Momentum'

Cleveland Heights Mayor Kahlil Seren told about 85 people that arriving at the May 16 groundbreaking of the Cedar-Lee-Meadowbrook development could only be described in one word: “Momentum.”

“That’s a word I’ve used on multiple occasions describing what we’re trying to create in Cleveland Heights; a new realm of development,” Seren said. “You have to keep pushing and that’s something we saw with this project. We had a lot of headwinds, despite community support. We kept pushing in spite of the fact that this project has taken 20 years. We kept pushing, and as a city we came together and made this happen...”

The city acquired the 5 acres of Lee Road frontage and constructed a parking garage in the early 2000s to help support the site’s future development. The Cedar Lee District is the city’s largest commercial district, and the project site exists in its center with frontage on both Cedar and Lee roads. The project will cost an estimated $66 million, with an expected completion of early 2025. Once finished, it will include 206 market-rate luxury apartments, more than 8,500 square feet of first-floor commercial, retail and restaurant space, and green space, according to a news release from the city.


Mayor Seren on CNN's SMERCONISH Show Discussing "No Mow May"

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Cleveland Heights Memorial Day Ceremony

Monday, May 29, 2023

10:00 am

Cumberland Park Veterans Memorial

Cleveland Heights Police Department

Bicycle Auction

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

6:00 pm

Behind Cleveland Heights City Hall, 40 Severance Circle

City of Cleveland Heights

Juneteenth Celebration

In conjunction with Safer Heights

Saturday, June 17, 2023

5:00–9:00 pm

Forest Hill Park

City of Cleveland Heights Pride Celebration

Saturday, June 24, 2023

Noon–4:00 pm

Cain Park

Enjoy Rough and Tumble Roller Derby Action

at the Cleveland Heights Community Center!

The Cleveland Guardians are celebrating their 10-year anniversary season at the Cleveland Heights Community Center's South Rink. Come out and see what Cleveland Guardians Roller Derby is all about! To see the team's full schedule, click the image above.

Established in 2013, the Cleveland Guardians are a full-contact flat-track roller derby team founded here in The Land. Full-contact flat track roller derby isn’t like your roller derby from TV, it is a full-contact sport with real bouts (games), with real hits, complete with rules and penalties. 

The Cleveland Guardians are a member of the Men’s Roller Derby Association (MRDA) , and they compete against teams across the country and the world. The team's mission is to provide the opportunity for all people to participate in the challenging, competitive, and exciting sport of flat-track roller derby, foster teamwork, leadership, and philanthropy, and provide a safe, active, and thriving community for all. 



At Cumberland Pool

Morning Classes

Through URBAN SWIM CLE Heights

Evening Classes

Through Cumberland Pool Lifeguards

Doan Brook Restoration Plan Comes into View

At a virtual public meeting on Monday, May 15, and an open house at the Cleveland Heights Public Library on Thursday, May 18, Stimson, the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based landscape architecture firm on the Doan Brook restoration project, presented a preferred stream alignment and park integration plan that was based on seventeen months of gathering in-person and virtual public input.

At the meetings, Stimson landscape architect Matt Langan presented the finding of planners and engineers who built detailed 3D computer models of the preferred stream alignment. Langan noted that the preferred stream alignment is the result of planning and input on the impact of four stream alignments presented to the public last December at a meeting at the Shaker Heights Public Library.

Read the latest FAQ on

the Doan Brook restoration

The preferred stream alignment, which places the confluence of two branches of Doan Brook northeast of where the 170-year-old Horseshoe Lake earthen dam will be deconstructed, performed best in providing ecological services such as flood control and a slower stream velocity. 

In addition to the stream alignment, Stimson presented an integrated landscape plan. The restoration of Doan Brook and the earthwork necessary to make it possible are part of a $14 million commitment the Northeast Ohio Sewer District has made to the cities of Shaker Heights and Cleveland Heights.

First, the Sewer District will landscape the 6 acres at the center of the park to provide Doan Brook with a natural creek bed and remove invasive plant species so a native wetland ecology can be established. The landscape work will also include building embankments for a system of terraced wetlands, which will help protect the daylighted section of Doan Brook from polluted stormwater running off from the roads and impermeable surfaces.

The terraced wetlands will cascade down from new promontories, providing commanding views of the park and serving as an ingenious reuse of lakebed sediments. A hillside amphitheater will be constructed from the dredged material. The Sewer District will prepare the site for a new and improved system of paved and natural surface trails intersecting the larger, 60-acre park site, which will provide improved access to the interior of the park from Lee Road, North Park, and South Park boulevards.

“The landforms have helped us create a series of distinct ecological zones,” Langan explained, “starting with the floodplain itself, which will be restored with native plants. Then, you’ll have these stepped wetlands, and above that, we’re envisioning meadows [where] all along the north and south side of the new park space, there will be native wildflowers.”

CH-UH Announces Finalists for Teacher, Helping Hand, Rookie, Administrator of the Year Awards

The finalists have been selected for each of the CH-UH City School District’s year-end awards, including Teacher of the Year, Helping Hand of the Year, Rookie of the Year, and Administrator of the Year.

The finalists for Teacher, Helping Hand, and Rookie of the Year were determined through district-wide voting. The candidates were the building winners for each award category. The finalists for Administrator of the Year were determined by the Superintendent’s Cabinet.

Read about the finalists at

Roxboro Elementary Students Show Gratitude By Creating Tapestries

The students of Roxboro Elementary School and the parishioners of nearby St. Paul’s Episcopal Church are inextricably woven together. Following the return to in-person learning after the pandemic, St. Paul’s reached out to the school’s leaders to see whether they could be of assistance. And indeed they could.

Nearly every teacher in the building had requested a tutor from Many Villages, a Reaching Heights sponsored program that places community volunteers in classrooms across the district to help students with reading or other academic areas. Tina Emancipator, parent and Many Villages Coordinator for the Roxboro Elementary Parent Teacher Association, said that she was able to fill every teacher’s request last year and that by this year, she did not have to recruit volunteers because many parishioners were eager to return.

One of the Many Villages volunteers was a pastor from St. Paul’s, who so enjoyed his time at the school that he organized participants to help at the book fair. The church took it one step further, raising and donating enough money for every child in the building to purchase their own brand new book from the fair.



Traffic Pattern Change at Cedar and Lee Roads

In the coming weeks, as the Cedar-Lee-Meadowbrook project begins construction activities, the traffic pattern at the Cedar-Lee intersection will change to ensure the safety of motorists, pedestrians, and construction workers. Once implemented, the right-hand eastbound lane of Cedar Road will be a right-hand turn-only lane (except for RTA buses to maintain service at the existing bus station). The left-hand eastbound lane will be a straight/through-only lane, meaning the left-hand turn northbound onto Lee Road will be prohibited during construction. 

The westbound lanes on Cedar Road and traffic on Lee Road will maintain their current lane and traffic patterns (including restricted left-hand turns for westbound Cedar Road traffic onto Lee Road during restricted rush hour times). Caution is still advised when traveling these unimpacted lanes, as they will remain within an active construction zone. 

City Council Meetings—Week of May 15, 2023

Cleveland Heights City Council held four meetings on Monday, May 15, 2023: Municipal Services and Environmental Sustainability Committee, Planning and Development Committee, Committee of the Whole, and the full City Council.

Planning and Development Committee Meeting

Municipal Services and Environmental Sustainability Committee

Council Committee of the Whole

City Council Meeting

Next Cleveland Heights City Council Meetings

Cleveland Heights City Council will hold a Committee of the Whole Meeting at 6:00 pm, on Monday, June 4, 2023, in the Executive Conference Room of Cleveland Heights City Hall.

The next full meeting of the Cleveland Heights City Council is scheduled for the same day at 7:30 pm in the Council Chambers.

These meetings will be streamed live and may be viewed on the City's YouTube channel. The agendas for the meetings may be found on the City's website.

Read Agenda and Legislation
Watch City Council Live

Next Week at Cleveland Heights City Hall


Racial Justice Task Force—Health and Education Subcommittee

6:00 pm


Racial Justice Task Force

7:00 pm



The City of Cleveland Heights is Hiring!

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Job openings in the Parks and Recreation, Public Works, and other departments may be found on the Cleveland Heights Job Opportunities webpage.

-- All Are Welcome --


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