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Cleveland Heights launches

storm clean-up app

Clean-up after the severe storm on August 24 that downed trees and knocked out power continues. To better serve residents, Cleveland Heights created a Storm Debris Cleanup Collection App that has a searchable address feature: Type your home address in the search bar to find out when city service trucks are scheduled to pick up any remaining debris.

The app includes a map with pick-up dates, color-coded by neighborhood to indicate pick-up status: Orange is Upcoming; Green is In Progress; and Blue is Completed. The city will update the map as it progresses through the schedule (the image above is from September 7).

Click here to use the app, and thank you for your patience.


Legends of Country Rock

September 8

Evans Amphitheater | 8:00 pm

Buy tickets online

or call Cain Park's Box Office

(216) 371-3000

MultiMusic Fest: Legends of Jazz III

w/Bob James, Stanley Clarke & Maysa

September 9

Evans Amphitheater | 5:00 pm

Buy tickets online

or call Cain Park's Box Office

(216) 371-3000


Due to construction work in and under the roadway, Cedar Road will be closed to through traffic from Lee Road to Taylor Road for one day only -- tomorrow -- Saturday, September 9.

Motorists are advised to find alternative routes. Cedar Road will be open to local traffic only from Taylor Road to Kildare Road. Cleveland Heights High School will remain accessible from Washington Boulevard.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

IRS alerts businesses, tax-exempt groups of warning signs for misleading Employee Retention scams; simple steps can avoid improperly filing claims


WASHINGTON - As aggressive marketing continues, the Internal Revenue Service today renewed an alert for businesses to watch out for tell-tale signs of misleading claims involving the Employee Retention Credit.

The IRS and tax professionals continue to see a barrage of aggressive broadcast advertising, direct mail solicitations and online promotions involving the Employee Retention Credit. While the credit is real, aggressive promoters are wildly misrepresenting and exaggerating who can qualify for the credits.

The IRS has stepped up audit and criminal investigation work involving these claims. Businesses, tax-exempt organizations and others considering applying for this credit need to carefully review the official requirements for this limited program before applying. Those who improperly claim the credit face follow-up action from the IRS.

"The aggressive marketing of the Employee Retention Credit continues preying on innocent businesses and others," said IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel. "Aggressive promoters present wildly misleading claims about this credit. They can pocket handsome fees while leaving those claiming the credit at risk of having the claims denied or facing scenarios where they need to repay the credit."

The Employee Retention Credit (ERC), also sometimes called the Employee Retention Tax Credit or ERTC, is a legitimate tax credit. Many businesses legitimately apply for the pandemic-era credit. The IRS has added staff to handle ERC claims, which are time-consuming to process because they involve amended tax returns…

The IRS reminds anyone who improperly claims the ERC that they must pay it back, possibly with penalties and interest. A business or tax-exempt group could find itself in a much worse cash position if it has to pay back the credit than if the credit was never claimed in the first place. So, it's important to avoid getting scammed…”

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North Rink construction update

Due to delays in U.S. Customs, rink floor tubing and supporting equipment shipped from Canada for the reconstruction of the North Rink at the Community Center was delayed by two weeks. Thankfully, those supplies have arrived, and project completion is still anticipated for the fall.

The next City Council meeting will be held on September 18, 2023, at 7:30 pm, in the Council Chamber.

It will be preceded by a Committee of the Whole meeting at 6:00 pm in the Executive Conference Room. Both meetings may be viewed live on YouTube.

Cleveland Heights will join in two, global sustainability celebrations this month


Cleveland Heights will participate in Park(ing) Day and World Car Free Day on September 15th and 22nd with events and activities that celebrate the city’s walkability and bike-connected places. We will gather feedback on building people-centered spaces and how to improve connectivity with car-free travel.

On September 15, the city will celebrate Park(ing) Day with a parklet (example seen in small image on the right) in the Cedar-South Taylor District where exciting plans for the Tudor-Taylor District re-development project will be previewed. In the evening, at the Community Center, the celebration will continue with frozen treats and fun activities planned.

Also, save the date for a fun, guided bike ride in Cleveland Heights on World Car Free Day (9/22).

More details to come.


Mayor Seren introduced and City Council adopted Resolution 143-2023 on September 5 to recognize two annual events that promote sustainable and equitable land use and transportation options:

Park(ing) Day, which is being held this year on September 15, and World Car Free Day, which will be observed worldwide on September 22, 2023.

Do you or someone you know bike commute to or from Cleveland Heights? The region's transportation agency, NOACA, is conducting its semiannual bike count on September 12, 13, and 14 from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm, and Saturday, September 16 from noon to 2:00 pm at select locations. NOACA collects bicycle and pedestrian count data all across the 5-County region which includes Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake, Lorain, and Medina counties.

The bike census is an opportunity for cyclists to “be counted” which is important when local officials are considering the inclusion of cycling within local and regional transportation plans. For example, Edgehill Road in Cleveland Heights is a site for bike counts, which showed how the route was the most heavily trafficked by cyclists in the region, data that was helpful in determining the placement of a bike lane and a major ‘road diet’ project that reconfigured the Edgehill/Overlook intersection to be more pedestrian and cycling friendly.

Sign up to be a bike count volunteer here.


FREE Program: Birds & Insects are Listening

Monday, September 18

6:30–8:00 pm

Cleveland Heights Main Library


Come and enjoy this fascinating program on bird and insect sound led by renowned nature and sound expert, Cleveland Heights resident, Dr. Lisa Rainsong. Get tips on how to invite a chorus of Earth's first communicators into your backyard!




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