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Mayor Seren Appoints Former Representative Janine Boyd to Cleveland Heights City Council

From Cleveland Heights Mayor Kahlil Seren:

“Welcome back, Councilmember Janine Boyd!

This appointment marks Janine Boyd’s return to city service. Janine is a lifelong resident, former State Representative, and friend to us all.

Ms. Boyd was the only candidate that received a motion to appoint from City Council during their appointment process. When we truly believe in someone, we speak up and endorse them unequivocally. My decision to appoint Representative Boyd to the seat vacated by my colleague Josie Moore included thoughtful consideration of what we lost with her exit and what we stand to gain in a new member.

I believe that shared values are what bind us together here in Cleveland Heights. Councilor Moore’s enthusiasm for and dedication to issues of generational and societal well-being manifested in her encouraging all of us to make decisions with sustainability in mind. Just as I proudly endorsed Josie Moore for her Council bid in 2021 and made the motion to appoint her early, I proudly appoint Janine Boyd to the seat today.

Ms. Boyd’s commitment to the health and safety of our community and our most vulnerable neighbors is already reflected in her decades of professional experience in policy advocacy. Her previous service as Ranking Minority Member on the Ohio House Health Committee and the Committee on Community and Family Advancement demonstrates her ability to link the needs of the community to direct policy solutions. She also co-founded the first statewide Black Maternal Health Caucus and sat on the board of the Ohio Children’s Trust Fund.

Councilor Boyd’s return to Cleveland Heights City Council not only reinforces her work as a servant-leader in the community but also strengthens the city’s connection to statewide elected officials and lawmakers from all backgrounds and political parties.

Her previous work on Council includes establishing a mentoring and juvenile diversion program and the expansion of human rights laws to increase protections for members of the LGBTQ+ community. I am excited to see the legislative proposals she champions as she partners with her new Council colleagues.

It is my sincere hope that our City Council embraces her return and recognizes that she is a friend to all – who has stepped up to join us in working toward our common goals on behalf of the residents of Cleveland Heights.”

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