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CH-UH School Board Considering School Compensation Agreement for CLM Project

Cedar Lee Meadowbrook is a vital part of Cleveland Heights’ plans for its future. CLM will elevate the already-successful Cedar Lee district, attracting even more visitors to Cleveland Heights and supporting the district’s businesses. It will create a new type of housing product that is offered nowhere else in our city.

CLM is critical to our efforts to attract greater investment and grow our tax base so we can invest in the things that make Cleveland Heights a special place to live.

The CLM project will:

  • Create 257 construction jobs.
  • Create 25 permanent jobs.
  • Become home to 309 residents, 216 of whom are projected to be new to Cleveland Heights.
  • Generate more than $200,000 in additional annual city income tax revenue. 

The CLM project doesn’t work without financial assistance from the city. As with the Ascent at the Top of the Hill project, the city determined that Tax Increment Financing (a TIF) was the most appropriate financing tool.

The project’s financing and the proposed School Compensation Agreement are structured in a way that protects our community’s short- and long-term interests.

The School Compensation Agreement awaiting approval by the CH-UH Board of Education:

  • Ensures the school district will not lose a single dollar of current tax revenue.

  • Guarantees the school district a larger percentage (33.89%) of the Payments In Lieu Of Taxes (PILOTs) from CLM than it receives from the Ascent at the Top of the Hill project (25%).

  • Nearly quadruples the school district’s annual recurring revenue from the CLM properties beginning the first year after construction is completed, from $109,289 to $409,289. Over the course of the project’s 30-year financing, this additional revenue will total $9 million.

  • Allocates to the school district an estimated additional $162,371— half of the income tax the city will receive from the construction jobs on the project.

All of these benefits, however, depend on the CLM project moving forward.

“Completing a project on this site has been a challenge for more than twenty years,” Cleveland Heights Mayor Kahlil Seren said. “The Cedar Lee parking garage stands as a monument to the many attempts to develop this corner; it was built in anticipation of a project that didn’t materialize.”

“The CLM project is shovel-ready,” Mayor Seren added. “All the necessary reviews have taken place, and all the permits have been issued. All that remains is for the Cleveland Heights-University Heights Board of Education to approve the project’s School Compensation Agreement.”

Cleveland Heights Moves to Become "Lead Safe"

On Monday, October 17, 2022, Cleveland Heights took the historic step of becoming the first suburb in Cuyahoga County to enact its own “Lead Safe” ordinance to protect the health of its residents.

The ordinance, which Mayor Kahlil Seren introduced last year, when he was a member of Cleveland Heights City Council, will require all residential rental units in Cleveland Heights that were constructed before 1978 to obtain lead-safe certification from the city’s building commissioner, beginning next year.

"Lead poisoning is 100% preventable.

We just have to remove it from or homes"

“Eliminating the health hazard posed by lead paint must be a priority for every city with older homes,” Mayor Seren said. “I’m proud that Cleveland Heights is taking the lead in addressing this threat.

Lead paint is an insidious poison. Exposure to it can cause lead to build up in the body over a period of months or years; by the time its effects become obvious, the damage is already done.

Children under six are particularly vulnerable because their bodies are still developing, and lead poisoning early in life has long-term consequences. It slows a child’s growth and development, damages the nervous system, and leads to problems with learning, behavior, hearing, and speech. It also shortens life expectancy.

The United States banned the use of lead paint in 1978, but Americans had already been using it in their homes for decades. Much of Cleveland Heights’ housing stock was constructed lead paint was outlawed.

“Lead poisoning is 100% preventable,” Mayor Seren added. “We just need to remove sources of lead from our homes. The legislation that Council passed on Monday is a huge step toward that goal.”

Loose Leaf Pick Up in Cleveland Heights

Will Begin on Monday, October 31.


Instead, please rake or blow your loose leaves onto your tree lawn. 

Please do not rake or blow leaves into the street. Putting your leaves in the street creates a safety hazard and can block sewer drains, which may cause flooding

It is illegal to burn leaves in the City of Cleveland Heights.

The map below shows the dates for initial schedule for leaf pick up in different parts of the city.

These dates may change depending upon the amount of leaves that have fallen, the weather, and other factors. To get the most current leaf collection schedule, please click on the button for the Cleveland Heights Leaf Collection app. 

Use the Cleveland Heights Leaf Collection App

The online app displays a map of the city that is updated daily to show where leaf collection has been completed and when future collections will take place. It also allows you get the updated collection schedule for your address.


If snow begins to fall during the loose leaf collection season, it becomes nearly impossible to maintain the collection schedule. Light snow or rain reduces the efficiency of the leaf collection operation. Leaves that are completely covered by snow cannot be collected.. 

Leaf pick up is scheduled through Friday, December 9. Weather and time permitting, the Department of Public Works MAY be able to collect leaves a third time, but we strongly advise residents to try to get all of their leaves to their tree lawn by their neighborhood's second pick up date.

Once the Department of Public Works has completed its loose leaf collection on December 9, it cannot come out again to collect leaves. After December 9, the equipment for leaf collection will be converted for removing snow and will not be available for leaf collection until Spring 2023.

If your tree lawn is damaged during leaf collection, please call the Department of Public Works at (216) 691-7300 and the city will repair it in the spring. 

Cleveland Heights Police Academy, now in its 50th year, reopening in 2023, accepting new applicants

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio - For the last two and a half years, Martin G. Lentz Cleveland Heights Police Academy has been vacant. But, this will soon change as instructors prepare to welcome a new class.

"We've finally decided to get ready to go full force, and get the academy back up in 2023," said Sergeant Matthew Lasker, who also serves as the Academy Commander.

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Cleveland Heights Now Recycles

Plastic Tubs and Glass Bottles and Jars

The City of Cleveland Heights has entered into a contract with a new recycling vendor and now accepts plastic tubs, including butter, sour cream, and yogurt cups.

As part of its contract, the City's new recycling vendor will audit residents' recycling habits during the next few weeks to determine what the City will be charged.

To keep the City's recycling costs down, please only place approved recyclable items loosely in your recycling cart. You can find information about accepted recyclable items on the City's recycling page and at

MOST IMPORTANTLY, PLEASE DO NOT PLACE PLASTIC BAGS IN YOUR RECYCLING CART. Plastic bags foul recycling machinery. The City is charged more when residents include plastic bags with their recycling. 

Commission on Aging Listening Session

Monday, October 24, 10:00 am

Senior Activity Center

The Cleveland Heights Commission on Aging wants to hear from YOU!

Please join the members of the Commission as they hold an open listening session to discuss the best ways to serve the senior residents of Cleveland Heights.

Heights Libraries Is Accepting Applications

For a New Board Member

Want to Serve Your Community?

Heights Libraries Is Accepting Applications for a New Board Member.

The Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library is now accepting applications for a new board member, with applications due at noon on Friday, November 18, 2022.

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Next Cleveland Heights City Council Meetings

The next full City Council meeting will be held on Monday, November 7, 2022, at 7:30 pm, immediately following the Council Committee of the Whole meeting, which will be held at 6:30 pm.

All of these meetings will be streamed live and may be viewed on the City's YouTube channel. The agendas for the meetings may be found on the City's website.

This Week at Cleveland Heights City Hall


Council On Aging Listening Session

10:00 am

Senior Activity Center

Municipal Services and Environmental Sustainability Committee

5:30 pm

Executive Conference Room

Special City Council Meeting

6:00 pm

Council Chambers

Administrative Services Committee of Council

6:30 pm

Executive Conference Room



Citizens Advisory Committee

7:00 pm

Executive Conference Room


Racial Justice Task Force - Health and Education Subcommittee

6:00 pm


Planning Commission

7:00 pm

Council Chambers

Racial Justice Task Force

7:00 pm



Transportation and Environmental Sustainability Committee

7:00 pm


Trick-or-Treating 2022

Will be held

Monday, October 31

from 6:00–8:00 pm

Express Yourself!

ARPA Feedback Still Needed

The City continues to ask people to fill out a public input form to prioritize different possible areas of investment and suggest specific ways ARPA funds might be spent.

If you haven't filled out the public input form, please share your thoughts with the City today!

 Fill out the ARPA Public Input Form 
Learn more about the City's ARPA Funding and Process

 Draft Severance Town Center Vision Statement

The Cleveland Heights Board of Control is asking for feedback on a newly drafted Vision Statement for Severance Town Center.


Severance Town Center is located in the heart of Cleveland Heights. Its history, first as a private estate, then as a ground-breaking regional mall, and most recently as a struggling retail center, is reflective of the history of the City itself.

This status quo is no longer acceptable, and its future is of the utmost importance to the City. The City is committed to working diligently toward a vision for the redevelopment and re-imagination of Severance Town Center.


As the heart of Cleveland Heights, Severance Town Center demands redevelopment and re-imagination to assure dynamic, cutting-edge development, spaces, and uses that:

  • Create an Intentional City Center with a Mix of Civic, Green, and Other Uses
  • Are Transformational and Not Incremental
  • Are Economically and Environmentally Sustainable over the Long-Term
  • Pump Energy and Activity out into the City’s Neighborhoods
  • Are Consistent with the Values of Cleveland Heights, but also Forward Looking
  • Are Unique and Reflective of the Diversity of Cleveland Heights
  • Create a Sense of Place Attractive to Residents, Visitors, Shoppers, Business and Property Owners, and Others
  • Include a Resilient Group of Uses and Users
  • Will be Enjoyed and Accessible to all Ages and Abilities
  • Are Based Upon Innovative Zoning that Allows Wide-Ranging, Strategically Appropriate Possibilities

Please provide any feedback you have or ask questions at Severance Town Center Vision Statement.

Provide Feedback on the Severance Vision Statement

 The Sewer District Wants Your Thoughts About

Doan Brook and Horseshoe Lake

As the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District works on restoring Doan Brook, it wants to hear your vision about what the park should look like after restoration takes place.

To find out more about the Sewer District's plans, read this slide presentation.

Then take the Sewer District's survey to tell them what you want to see at the park and what you think would make this the preeminent park space in Northeast Ohio.

Take the Doan Brook/Horseshoe Lake Survey

Red Cross Blood Drive

Friday, October 28, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Cleveland Heights Community Center

One Monticello Boulevard

Activity Rooms 1A & B


To sign up:


Each pint of blood collected will help to save up to 3 lives.


Each pint of blood also will earn $10 for the Cleveland Heights High School Class of 2023, which students plan to use to help pay from their High School Prom.


Blood donors will receive a $10 e-gift card to a merchant of choice via email.


Cleveland Heights Police Academy Is Now Accepting Applications

Classes Begin January 9, 2023

Applications for the next Cleveland Heights Police Academy class, which will begin on January 9, 2023, are now open. 

The deadline to apply is Friday, December 2, 2022.

Classes will be held Monday–Friday, 8:00 am–5:00 pm, through June 2023. Cadets will be required to participate in one weekend of driving instruction during the training period.

The Academy’s program provides approximately 840 hours of instruction, exceeding the 737 hours required by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission (OPOTC). Completing the Academy will qualify the student to take the required Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission (OPOTC) certification test required of all Ohio Peace Officers.

To be eligible for the Cleveland Heights Police Academy, an applicant must:

  • Be a citizen of the United States.
  • Be at least 21 years of age by the completion of the Academy program.
  • Have earned a high school diploma or its equivalent (GED)
  • Possess a valid Ohio Driver’s License and currently have full driving privileges in the State of Ohio.
  • Pass a drug screening test within 150 days of the start of the Academy.
  • Pass a BCI/FBI criminal background check prior to the start of instruction.
  • Meet physical fitness standards established by the OPOTC.

The OPOTC also identifies the restrictions listed below that would prohibit participation in the Academy.

  • The applicant is subject to a weapons disability.
  • The applicant is under indictment for, has pleaded guilty to, or has been convicted of a felony.
  • The applicant is currently registering as a sex offender, child-victim offender, or arson offender.
  • Any person convicted of the following offenses is disqualified for a period of three years:

  • An offense under ORC Chapter 2925 Drug Offenses. Chapter 3719 Controlled Substances, or Chapter 4729 Dangerous Drugs involving the illegal possession, use, sale, administration, distribution, or trafficking of a drug of abuse.
  • A misdemeanor offense of violence.
  • A violation of ORC 2903.14, Negligent Assault.
  • An offense under ORC Chapter 2913 Theft and Fraud, or a municipal ordinance that is substantially similar.

Tuition is $5,000 and includes all required ammunition, books, classroom materials, and uniform attire The Academy will provide each student with a duty belt, holster, magazine pouch, handcuffs, and handcuff case, all of which must be returned at the completion of the course. Students will be issued a firearm and will be provided eye and ear protection during the Firearms portion of the curriculum. The firearm must be returned upon completion of Firearms training. Students must provide their own law enforcement shoes/boots, a flashlight, and a flashlight holder. If they qualify, veterans may use the GI Bill to pay for their tuition.

If you believe you meet the eligibility requirements and are interested in becoming an Ohio Peace Officer, please contact the Cleveland Heights Police Academy at 216-291-3836 or [email protected].

The "Lake Eerie" Gohio

Car(bon) Free Challenge is On!

It’s scary! Outdoor air pollution is responsible for 4.2 million deaths annually, according to the World Health Organization.

Help Northeast Ohio air quality by replacing a car commute with a carbon-free/reduced trip, like biking, using transit, or carpooling, or by remote working during the “Lake Eerie” Gohio Commute Challenge. 

Join today by creating an account at Gohio Commute and log your trips through the month of October to be eligible for weekly and overall prizes. Stay up to date on real-time standings using the challenge leaderboard.

2023 program dates are Sundays, January 22, February 5, February 26, March 12, and March 26 from 3pm-6pm. Participants must commit to attending all five sessions to be accepted into the program.

Workshop sessions will take place at FutureHeights, located in the Coventry P.E.A.C.E., 2843 Washington Boulevard.

Deadline to apply: Friday, January 13, 2023.

Lake Erie Ink Fall Programs


The City of Cleveland Heights is Hiring!

74eba8c7-4272-408b-bb45-a5845f452309 image

Job openings in the Police Department, City Hall, Parks and Recreation, Public Works, and other departments may be found on the Cleveland Heights Job Opportunities webpage.

-- All Are Welcome --


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