The new Cleverscope CS448 is an individually isolated
4 channel Ethernet/USB oscilloscope.
  • Isolated channel capture (1kV)

  • 100 dB CMRR at 50 MHz

  • Frequency Response Analysis

  • Component LCR measurement

  • MSPS streaming to disk for days

  • Isolated Signal Generator
  • High resolution spectra

  • Sophisticated maths

  • Matlab and Excel live

  • External sampling clock

  • Ethernet or USB

  • Mixed signal capture
The CS448 is a 1kV isolated channel oscilloscope designed to be useful anywhere isolation is needed - in particular power electronics.

The CS448 supports - via the Cscope4 application- Frequency Response Analysis (using the built in isolated signal generator), Protocol decoding, Maths, streaming, Excel and Matlab connectivity, Spectrum Analysis, mixed signal triggering and display.

The high channel common mode rejection ratio (100 dB at 50 MHz) means the CS448 can be used to measure signals such as gate drives and current sensors whose common mode is slewing quickly.
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