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Occuscreen and Click Boarding are excited to announce their Strategic Partnership!

Click Boarding delivers an easier new-hire onboarding solution to HR, and is completely integrated with our background screening process.  A partnership just made sense, as  it gave us an opportunity to provide our clients a streamlined process for onboarding, making hiring that much easier!

Click Boarding allows organizations to create a step-by-step first impression and introduce their new hires to the company and its culture, all while filling out forms such as Form I-9 and State W-4 or signing off on a handbook and policy. It's easy for the new-hire, and captured in real-time, even the background check results! HR can keep track of these statuses, assign tasks, and even manage/modify different onboarding experiences. 

For more information contact Kyle at: 
Legalized Marijuana Map (Post-November Election)
We thought you'd like this helpful map  of states where Marijuana is now legal for recreational or medical purposes (courtesy of Current Consulting). Click here to see more information and a comparison of before and after the recent election. 
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