Texas Mutual Offers Wellness Grants
Healthier employees save you money on workers’ compensation claims, health care costs, missed work day and so much more. Texas Mutual Insurance Company has partnered with Naturally Slim, an online and mobile app program, to offer you the opportunity to enhance your employees’ wellness.

Wellness grant recipients will receive a 12-month online program for their eligible employees that includes 10 weeks of Naturally Slim’s foundation, seven bi-weekly videos for reinforcements, and six monthly videos for maintenance. Grant application will be open on November 1. We recommend applying as soon as possible, as applications are processed in the order they are received. The application closes when the program slots are full.

Learn more about the program and how it works in Texas Mutual’s 2019 Wellness Grant Program Guide .

For questions about securing a wellness grant, please contact a member of your BCH service team or contact Texas Mutual’s safety services support center at 844-967-5723 or email grants@texasmutual.com .
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