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November 2015 Edition

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Giving Thanks
A New Way to Protect Your Money and  Earn 4% Interest
Find out how to improve your future retirement plans.

Earn 4% interest

(minimum guarantee of 3%)

No Risk to principal

100% principal available

at all times!

So what is today's go-to retirement tool?
There are a growing number of guaranteed income products available today, and annuities are fast becoming a go-to retirement tool for securing  lifetime income that will provide enough cash to support each individual's lifestyle, for life Read More...
Fixed Indexed Annuities...
A Paycheck for Life!
Paycheck for Life!
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Did you miss our last
Social Security Timing Class 
for 2015?
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Relief on Medicare Premiums 
But You May Have Just Lost A Way 
to Max Social Security Benefits
The 2016 budget makes sweeping changes to Social Security claiming rules for retirees surrounding the
Restricted Application for spousal benefits and the
Voluntary Suspension (aka File and Suspend).

Due to the dramatic and complicated  changes in the claiming options, Retirement Solutions strongly recommends our clients contact us to review Social Security Timing Strategies offered in the past. 

Call our office at (972)731-2539 or
E-mail directly  for a re-evaluation today.

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Market Linked CDs with
Market-Linked CDs (MLCD) offer principal protection, FDIC insurance and potentially higher interest rates than typical CD's.

Instead of a low fixed-rate, MLCDs offer variable interest generated by the performance of the Stocks, Commodities, Currencies or Index, it is linked to

401k, IRA, 403b, and ROTH all qualify!
  • Uncapped interest at maturity.
  • Diversified exposer to 7 different asses classes.

Watch the 150% Solution  for more information.

A Note from the 
Accounting Sleuth
The Unwelcome Visit of a Grizzly in August 
Almost Seems a Distant Memory
During this past quarter, sellers overwhelmed buyers in their eagerness to dump stock. Over time, bargain prices attract buyers, and prices rise as buyers begin to outnumber sellers.

Buyers certainly turned up in October. Some of those were reluctant buyers, i.e., the short sellers who covered their short positions in an effort to curtail their losses. Short sellers are often their own worst enemies.

Rick Alford, CRP, CEO
Retirement Solutions