Backbone Bulletin  
Backbone User Permissions
We are often asked by clients, "How do I give employees access to certain pages while restricting them from others?"  In Retail Backbone, we assign employees to security groups, which are then tied to screens/pages within Retail Backbone.  Each employee can be assigned to multiple security groups, and each security group can may be assigned to multiple pages. For example, the following 6 pages are all related to the Time Clock / Schedules module in Retail Backbone:
  1. Time Clock (punch in/out)
  2. Schedules (view posted schedules)
  3. Create Schedules
  4. Admin Time Review
  5. Admin Time Entry
  6. Schedule vs. Actual

Screens 1 and 2 should be available to all employees, therefore the security group associated with this screen will likely be "Everyone" or "Employees" (based on each client's specific terminology).  Screen 3 is likely only accessible by managers, so would be secured with the "Store Managers" security group. Screens 4-6 may only be visible to HR administrators that are responsible for payroll, so these pages would be secured with the "Time Admin" security group.  

In order to keep Backbone as flexible as possible, the names of the security groups are customizable, and the screen/security assignments are configurable via Site Navigation. 

Select the User Guide button below for step-by-step instructions on the following:

  1. Create/update/delete security groups
  2. Add users to security groups
  3. Assign security groups to individual pages in Backbone
New Project Management Interface
Working quickly and efficiently with our clients is our highest priority.  We pride ourselves on being responsive and transparent when it comes to project requests and feature customizations.   We've developed a new Project Management Interface that will allow clients, as well as Retail Backbone, to easily maintain project deliverables, timeslines, and expectations.   Within this new interface, clients will be able to:
  • Add new projects into Retail Backbone, which will trigger an email to Retail Backbone with project information
  • Enter, update, and approve project deliverables
  • Review and approve developer responses and LOEs
  • Assign contacts to be notified via email when updates are made to the project
  • View a status log to stay informed of project progress
User Guides and Instructions
You may have noticed a silver question mark icon on a few of the pages within your database.  This question mark will take you to an instructions guide specific to the page you are on.  Now we need your help!  Tell us which pages in your Retail Backbone portal would benefit from step by step instructions, and we'll develop the documentation and update the applicable page(s) with user guides. 
Give Us Your Feedback!
We look forward to hearing how you like the updates we've made to Retail Backbone!  If you want further information or a demo of how to use any of our new features, let us know and we will show you everything you need to know! | 248-766-5514 | Retail Backbone