We want to keep you informed of current environmental conditions that are affecting grass seed germination in your lawn. Charlotte and surrounding areas are experiencing unusually high soil temperatures.
Fescue grass seed germinates best at 55-65 degree soil temperatures with daytime temperatures around 60-75 degrees. Our local Green Resource consultant alerted us yesterday that Charlotte soil temperatures are currently between 78-81 degrees. The last three weeks have been hot and dry with daytime temperatures in mid 80-90 degree ranges. Therefore, grass seed germination rates have been slowed to almost non-existent. Unfortunately, environmental conditions and high temperatures are great for various lawn weeds, which are germinating prolifically.
Good news is that soil and air temperatures will continue to decline as the season progresses. The grass seed that has been applied to your lawn will germinate when weather conditions stabilize. We continue to visit your property and note the germination progress. Once a viable stand of grass has come in and has been mowed at least once, we will concentrate on weed control.
We thank you for your patience as we work on your behalf throughout this process. 
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