SC Builders + ASD|SKY take on Shaklee Terraces

Photos by Mariko Reed
SC Builders recently completed a 25,000 sq. ft. tenant improvement project for a confidential client at One Front Street in San Francisco. Also known as Shaklee Terraces, this building stands as the 15th tallest in the San Francisco skyline, measuring 538 feet high. The tower is located in the heart of the Financial District and has housed numerous successful companies, large and small, since 1979.
Another great partnership between SC Builders and ASD|SKY has created a lively yet sophisticated atmosphere that accurately reflects the company's culture. This dynamic space nicely balances individual work and group collaboration needs by featuring separate "neighborhoods" for an unconventional look and feel.

109 Stevenson St. San Francisco, CA 94105 | 910 Thompson Pl. Sunnyvale, CA 94085