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January At C-Level
It’s 2021. And so far, it closely resembles 2020.

I mean, it’s different, of course. But it still has craziness, drama, and uncertainty. But you know, the more I think about it, that’s just life. When did we ever have it where craziness, drama, and uncertainty weren’t a part of our daily lives?

Especially in Leadership…

We just have the Covid Crazies to add to that bucket.

Oh, well, let’s get on with it. This month’s issue includes a reminder to stay positive yourself if you want anyone around you to be that way. And some lessons learned from our clients; some tongue-in-cheek, some are “damn straight.”
The January edition of At C-Level.

  1. Client Covidians, circa 2020 -- Lessons from the frontlines
  2. Nothing Helps a Bad Mood Like spreading it around

We live in interesting times. Let us know if we can help in any way – we’re here for you.
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Client Covidians, circa 2020
-- Lessons from the frontlines

By D. Kevin Berchelmann

As the consultant, I’m supposed to offer advice, coaching and counsel to my clients. They pay me to bring a concentrated expertise and specific judgment that likely don’t exist in their organization.

But there goes another year-end, and I have to say I learned a ton from my clients this past year. Some of it completely useless and won’t be shared here (you know who you are); other morsels of wisdom have been found to be surprisingly valuable, and I thought I’d share those tidbits with you today.

2020 Lessons Learned from my Clients – the Top 10

Nothing Helps a Bad Mood
-- like spreading it around

By Kevin Ross

2020 is over. Ding dong, the witch is dead.

Don’t you wish we could flip a switch on the anxieties we felt last year as easily as we turn the page on the calendar? As I looked forward at 2021, I looked back over the last five years in our lives and saw this truth: every year has ups and downs that affect our mood at work; they just change over time. Not rocket surgery I know, but I needed the reminder.

Like leading by example, we don’t have a choice on whether our mood affects those around us and those who work for us. It does. Now I can’t guarantee a positive outlook and motivation will fill our workplaces with butterflies and rainbows, but there can be no doubt that a leader’s dour mood directly affects their employees’ morale and engagement.

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