We Need Masks
Throughout this crisis we continue to come together as a community and demonstrate how we are #DuPageStrong. Today we are asking for help you can do at home. Clients of DuPage Pads need safety masks. Our goal is 800 to distribute two masks per person as soon as possible. This craft activity is a way for anyone in our #DuPageStrong community to help. 

We recognize our medical professionals on the front lines of this emergency are the priority when receiving masks and protection equipment, but if you have extra craft materials to share we would appreciate your help!
4 Different Examples How You Can Make a Mask
Below are examples to use for options. Choose one that is simple for you to create:

Once your mask(s) are complete, please clean them for safety and place them in a plastic zipper bag. Masks can be dropped off during donation hours or mailed to:

703 W. Liberty
Wheaton, IL 60187

Please share pictures of your mask making with @DuPage Pads and include #DuPageStrong

On behalf of DuPagePads and the clients, staff, and volunteers you are helping, thank you so much!