Winter 2022
Message from the Director

Dear gardening friends,

With each lengthening day and new seed catalog, the coming growing season beckons to us. The HGIC staff looks forward to being a trustworthy garden partner for you in 2022. You’ll find the latest science-based information on our website and social media, and in Maryland Grows blog articles and answers to your Ask Extension questions. Expect to see more from HGIC this year on climate change and gardening. The plants, soils, and garden spaces we tend tie us to Mother Nature and each other, and therein lies their healing power.
Climate-Resilient Gardening

Learn how modifying gardening and landscape practices can help to add biodiversity and create sustainable, climate-resilient gardens for a more nature-based future.

Converting Lawns into Diverse Landscapes: Case Studies

Be inspired! Check out these stories and photos from Maryland gardeners who are adding more plant diversity and creating beautiful habitats around their living spaces.

Gardening Under Lights
Light is essential for healthy plant growth. Artificial lights or "grow lights" can supplement or mimic natural light if you do not have optimal conditions for plants indoors. Our new blog series explores how plants respond to light, how to measure light, and how to set up an indoor growing area.

UMD Research: Leave the Leaves for Wildlife

Preliminary data from a study conducted by Max Ferlauto, a Ph.D. student in the UMD Department of Entomology, shows the number of emerging moths and butterflies are reduced by about 67 percent in areas where leaves are removed.

Washington Post: Across the Mid-Atlantic, Giant Oak Trees are Dying

University of Maryland Plant Pathologists Dr. Karen Rane and Dr. Dave Clement weigh in on this important issue targeting oak trees.

Winter Sowing

Take the guesswork out of sowing seeds and get a head start on your spring, summer, and fall gardens with Master Gardener Linda Jones!

Tuesday, January 18, 2022
2 pm to 3:30 pm
Live Zoom event!

Turf Troubleshooting

Join UMD turf professor, Geoff Rinehart, to learn answers to the commonly asked questions about lawns and sustainable lawn care best practices.

Friday, February 25, 2022
12 pm to 1:30 pm
Live Zoom event!

GreenScapes Symposium

Advancing the Natural Landscape in a Modern World - Solutions for Sites & Situations

Friday, February 18, 2022
9:15 am to 4 pm
Live Zoom event!

Q: I recently read about invasive jumping worms and was wondering if this was one. I found it on the soil surface below weed cloth. It wasn’t very active as described, but it was small so probably still young.

- A resident of Montgomery County

A: Find the answer on Ask Extension.
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