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Candidates who won't disclose taxes shouldn't be on the ballot
S. 365, my bill before the MA Legislature, would require presidential candidates to disclose their finances, tax returns included.

School Vouchers Aren't Working, but Choice Is
The New York Times
Even before Trump the Polarizer came along, drawing careful distinctions was a losing proposition in politics.  But here's an issue where drawing distinctions matters.

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Dear Friend,

As you may know, I want to see Massachusetts lead the nation in putting a price on carbon, the single most effective step a state can take to combat climate change.

The core idea is pretty simple: As we use fossil fuels, let's do so at the full price, including the environmental damage done.  We have under-prices today, and under-prices lead to over-use.  Get the price right, and most of us will respond by cutting back.  The cumulative effect of all this reduced demand is very powerful.  

In fact, the payoff we can expect keeps getting better.  Scientists now compute not only the "climate dividend" of carbon pricing but also the "health dividend."  Less dirty fuel means cleaner air all around, and cleaner air means less respiratory and heart disease.  Harvard's School of Public Health says that carbon pricing in Massachusetts will save $2.9 billion in local healthcare costs.  Check out the video:

Add health dividend to climate dividend, and you've got a strong case. 
Sen. Mike Barrett
Fighting for progressive priorities
My thanks to members of the First Parish in Bedford who dropped by my State House office to chat about their legislative priorities.  Topics at hand included advancing climate change initiatives, pushing for criminal justice reform, and increasing the state minimum wage to $15 per hour.
Opening our hearts and our homes
Even as the president demonizes foreigners, citizens across the country have come forward to demonstrate true American spirit.  Sean Kavanagh and Donna Vaillancourt of Carlisle have stepped up.  They've opened their home to a family of Syrian refugees escaping the unimaginable horrors of war.  If you're able, please consider getting involved.  To learn more, check out this local non-profit: