August 2020

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Annual Members' Meeting
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Annual Members' Meeting
In partnership with Northwest AHEC of Wake Forest School of Medicine and part of the NC AHEC program.
North Carolina Association of 
Free and Charitable Clinics
Annual Members' Meeting

A New Paradigm - Regionalization
Working Closer Together to
Improve the Health of our Patients

Virtual Meeting 
September 16, 2020
1:00 - 3:00 p.m.

Meeting Topics
NCAFCC Update * Finance Report 
Board Election * A New Paradigm
Clinic Recognition 

Watch for more information.

Special thanks to Americares and ECHO for their support of our meeting.

To: xxxxxMember Clinics
From: xx NCAFCC Board of Directors Nominating Committee
xxxxxxxxTony Price, Vice Chair
xxxxxxxxTracy Salisbury, Secretary
xxxxxxxxKrista Wooly, Board Member

Re: Call for Nominations
Action Requested by August 11.

According to NCAFCC’s Bylaw sections 5.4 and 5.5, the Nominating Committee is issuing a Call for Nominations to replace vacancies on the Board of Directors. The Nominating Committee will present a list of nominees for consideration and election by NCAFCC’s members prior to the virtual Annual Membership Meeting on September 16, 2020. Newly-elected members of the Board of Directors shall take office on October 1, 2020.

The term of office for Directors elected from among NCAFCC’s membership is three years. These Directors are limited to three successive terms of office, but may be re-elected after an absence from the Board of at least one year. The term of office for non-Member Directors is one year with no term limits. During this year’s election, we have three vacancies to be filled for Directors who are NCAFCC members and three vacancies for non-Member Directors.

Please review the Board Responsibilities and familiarize yourself with the nature of the position. You may nominate yourself, another clinic executive director or someone from outside the Association membership that may be germane to the Association’s mission or has a specific skill set that would complement the Association. If you intend to nominate someone, please contact them first and share with them the attached Board Responsibilities to help determine their willingness to serve. Nominees will need to complete the Board of Directors Candidate Application and return it along with a current resume to the address provided on the form or email mark@ncafcc.orgApplications are due no later than August 11, 2020.
After all nominations are received, the Board’s Nominating Committee will interview the candidates via telephone, review the nominations with the Board, and prepare ballots. The election will be voted upon by the entire NCAFCC membership.

For further information about the Board of Directors please contact Tony Price at
910-246-5333 or
CEO Connection
Randy Jordan, CEO

Heroes in Action
The NCAFCC staff had a chance this week to experience what your patients experience each and every day. Extreme dedication to the cause, a can-do spirit and a willingness to go the extra mile to protect the healthcare interests of the uninsured. You are heroes in action! Our exposure to your heroism was framed by our efforts of working together to satisfy the requirements of the state appropriation of $7,425,000 awarded to NCAFCC and its Member clinics. As you all are aware, the deadline for filing the initial 4-month report was unexpectedly moved up one week, which meant you had only a few days to gather records and compile results about the vital work of your clinic during the COVID-19 emergency. It is remarkable how each of you stepped up to the challenge with a generous spirit and helped our team make a timely submission on your behalf. Your sacrifice during a time of disruption is what is allowing literally tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars to be transferred to your clinic in support of your efforts to help others in need. That’s what heroes do -- sacrifice for the benefit of others! At NCAFCC, we are deeply grateful to be working side-by-side with each of you as heroes in action!

We are also pleased to announce that NCAFCC’s ability to offer telehealth services to our Members free of charge has been extended another year. As a result of recent negotiations with our telehealth platform vendor, Updox, and our philanthropic partner, Biogen Foundation, we are able to extend your clinic’s opportunity to utilize telehealth until March 18, 2022. If you are not yet participating in the Updox telehealth program and have interest in doing so, please reach out to Mark Scheerer to discuss this opportunity for your clinic.
A Message from Your Board Chair
April Cook
Lake Norman Community Health Clinic

Well………………….as I am putting my thoughts together, COVID is still here and creating chaos. Everyone wants to know if there is an end in sight. So many questions with almost no answers. We hear individuals express, “When are things going to get back to normal?” to “The norm we knew is gone forever and will be replaced with a new normal”. That uncertainty can be scary to some and exciting for others. As we embrace for these new norms, the NCAFCC board and staff have been working on new and exciting ideas that will create a positive paradigm shift in how we do business with funders, community leaders, patients and most importantly, with each other. Please plan to join us for our virtual Annual Members' Meeting on September 16 th. Plan now to have board members and key staff to join us as we roll out this plan. We will need buy-in from the entire membership for this to be successful! We also need your ideas and feedback. Because we have made huge strides with Randy’s leadership in looking less like grassroots clinics and more like well-oiled machines that produces unbelievable outcomes, we are FINALLY being asked to sit at tables that have ignored or unappreciated our efforts in the past. All we need from the membership is to think outside the box, embrace the possibilities, and accept that there will be a few hiccups along the way; because all great change comes with a cost and that cost can lead to a return on investment that no one could have ever predicted! Be the change that we need to take care of North Carolina’s most vulnerable in a new way! The possibilities are limitless.
Stay safe and I can’t wait to share this potential program with you all in September.
This and That
Mark Scheerer
Deputy Director

As the year progresses, your clinics continue to see patients either in-person or by telehealth, or a combination of both, and are playing a vital role in your communities. Our activities at the association have changed since the middle of March as well. We've helped you implement telehealth, provided (thanks to community partners) literally hundreds of masks to you, distributed funding that became available thanks to the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust and the Biogen Foundation; and are administering the large appropriations grant for clinics.

In September we will be holding our Annual Members' Meeting, which will be virtual this year. During the meeting, we will be rolling out what will be a big paradigm shift for the association. What we need during the meeting is your feedback since this involves all of you as we move forward for the benefit of your clinic and patients.

National Glove Shortage - Act Now
Most of you received the email from NAFC about a developing issue with gloves on a global level. NAFC has been told that there is an incoming glove issue that is developing globally, meaning that there will be restrictions as supply goes down and prices go up. They have shared with us that our members should consider obtaining gloves now from any source available so as to not get blindsided as this issue is thought to last through 2021.

NC DHHS COVID-19 Social Media Kit
There are a number of good resources on the NC DHHS website. For those of you with a Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram, you'll find this link useful as you help educate the public and your patients about COVID-19. For more information click here .

UNC Helps Launch COVID-19 Mental Health App for Health Workers
According to the North Carolina Health News, the Health Heroes app is designed specifically for first responders and those who work in health care settings. It’s free to download from the app store and is available nationally.

The Health Heroes app prompts the user to take a five-minute mental health survey... read more here .

United Way of NC COVID-19 Impact Study
The United Way of North Carolina has launched a COVID-19 Impact Survey and they need your help in distributing the survey link.  At the community level, United Ways are adjusting their workplan strategies and fundraising efforts to ensure that families have resources to step out of unemployment, meet their basic needs, and determine how to best navigate their future. This 10 minute survey is now available for every household – in English and Spanish – to complete on or before August 21. They need your help so that survey results represent every geographic corner of NC, every population, race and ethnicity, and every category of financial means.

National Center for Primary Care Digital Health Tools Study
The Morehouse School of Medicine and National Center for Primary Care (NCPC) are conducting a study on the potential for digital health tools (DHTs) to aid in the advancement of health equity. The goal of the NCPC Digital Health Tools Survey is to assess how adoption and use of DHTs affect underserved communities and health disparities in North Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, or Tennessee.

Primary care clinicians are encouraged to participate in the Digital Health Tools Survey. Each participant will receive a $50 gift card. To complete the survey go to:
NAFC Charitable Health Care Symposium Transitioning to Virtual Conference

The NAFC Board has decided to transition the 2020 NAFC Annual Symposium to a virtual conference which will take place October 25-27, 2020. Over the next several weeks, the NAFC Staff and Advisory Working Group will be developing a registration process and an agenda for the virtual meeting. The NAFC will launch a registration site in August 2020. If you have already registered for the meeting or were selected as a speaker, the NAFC team will be reaching out to you individually via email in the upcoming weeks with more information.

Upcoming Events & Deadlines
Board of Directors 

Board Chair
April Cook, MBA
Lake Norman Community Health Clinic

Vice Chair
Tony Price
Moore Free and Charitable Clinic

John Price, MPA
 ORHCC – Retired

Tracy Salisbury
Open Door Clinic of Alamance County

Sissy Lee-Elmore, MBA, MPA
WATCH Healthcare Program
Past Chair


Jerry Hermanson, MBA
Community Care Clinic of Highlands-Cashiers

Andy Kurtzman, MHCA
Scotland Community Health Clinic

Michael Lischke, EdD, MPH
Northwest AHEC
WFU School of Medicine

Theo McClammy
Caring Community Clinic

John Mills, CPC

Krista Woolly, MS
Community Care Clinic of Rowan County

2018 Annual Outcomes Report
The first four of our Healthy Neighbors podcasts are online on our website . In the first series, Randy Jordan and Dr. Andy Barbash discuss telemedicine and how NCAFCC clinics are adopting this model of care during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

COVID-19 Crisis Response Webinars
Sponsored by the NC Association of Free and Charitable Clinics and the National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics.
  • Messaging & Communications – Developing Your Clinic’s COVID-19 Narrative | Watch
  • Financial Resources – Building Your Clinic’s Value Proposition | Watch
  • Human Resources – Sustaining Your Clinic Team | Watch
  • Strategic Opportunities – Leveraging the Crisis for Change | Watch
  • NCAFCC COVID-19 Workbook by Next Stage | View PDF


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Deputy Director
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Cindy Jones , RCP
Director of Quality & Clinical Support
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Office Manager
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COVID-19 Grant Manager