July 2020

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We're thrilled to announce Allison Kelly is back with us leading NCAFCC's $7,425,000 state appropriation distribution to eligible member clinics.

Welcome to our newest member, Christ Community Clinic in Wilmington!

To: xxxxxMember Clinics
From: xx NCAFCC Board of Directors Nominating Committee
xxxxxxxxTony Price, Vice Chair
xxxxxxxxTracy Salisbury, Secretary
xxxxxxxxKrista Wooly, Board Member

Re: Call for Nominations

According to NCAFCC’s Bylaw sections 5.4 and 5.5, the Nominating Committee is issuing a Call for Nominations to replace vacancies on the Board of Directors. The Nominating Committee will present a list of nominees for consideration and election by NCAFCC’s members prior to the virtual Annual Membership Meeting on September 16, 2020. Newly-elected members of the Board of Directors shall take office on October 1, 2020.

The term of office for Directors elected from among NCAFCC’s membership is three years. These Directors are limited to three successive terms of office, but may be re-elected after an absence from the Board of at least one year. The term of office for non-Member Directors is one year with no term limits. During this year’s election, we have three vacancies to be filled for Directors who are NCAFCC members and three vacancies for non-Member Directors.

Please review the Board Responsibilities and familiarize yourself with the nature of the position. You may nominate yourself, another clinic executive director or someone from outside the Association membership that may be germane to the Association’s mission or has a specific skill set that would complement the Association. If you intend to nominate someone, please contact them first and share with them the attached Board Responsibilities to help determine their willingness to serve. Nominees will need to complete the Board of Directors Candidate Application and return it along with a current resume to the address provided on the form or email mark@ncafcc.orgApplications are due no later than August 11, 2020.
After all nominations are received, the Board’s Nominating Committee will interview the candidates via telephone, review the nominations with the Board, and prepare ballots. The election will be voted upon by the entire NCAFCC membership.

For further information about the Board of Directors please contact Tony Price at
910-246-5333 or tprice@moorefreecare.org.
CEO Connection
Randy Jordan, CEO

Just Amazing - $7,425,000 for NC’s Free and Charitable Clinics
Just before the General Assembly adjourned, they ratified House Bill 1023. I guess they just didn’t think that they had appropriated enough money last month when they decided to award $5,000,000 for the benefit of our Member clinics. Just couldn’t believe it when I heard on Tuesday morning that the NC Senate wanted to increase our state appropriation. Just learned yesterday afternoon (June 25) that the General Assembly ratified legislation that increased NCAFCC’s appropriation to $7,425,000 and sent the bill to the Governor for his signature. Just Amazing!!! One more – “just” so happy for each of you as NCAFCC can now provide financial support to carry you through these challenging times.
You’ll soon hear a lot more about our plans to distribute these funds. We’re working out the final details of our grant contract with the State of North Carolina as this edition of the newsletter goes to press. Then, we’ll be distributing information packets and holding training sessions to be sure that you succeed. Just Amazing!!!
A Message from Your Board Chair
April Cook
Lake Norman Community Health Clinic

Happy Independence Day!
This past weekend, I had the opportunity to go and indulge in one of my favorite hobbies, fly fishing. In a rather remote area 30 minutes north east of Pilot Mountain, is a small river that runs through the foothills of the Appalachians. Because of all the recent rains, the river was running rather fast and deeper than usual, so I wasn’t expecting it to be a successful fishing trip. Wading on the edge of the river, I got the sense that I was at peace for the first time in many months. I found a tree hovering over the water to plop down on while I listened to the perfect symphony of wildlife and babbling water. For an entire day, I was able to close the door to all that is happening in our country. The anger that continues to percolate from politics, social injustice and discrimination, appears to be further dividing us. Much of this saddens me to the core, while it gives me hope that change is finally coming.

As we celebrate Independence Day this year, I ask each of you to remember and focus on the many facets of life that unite us versus the few that divide us. My first born son is going to be deployed on 7/17; I feel that our service men and women need to feel confident as they put their lives at risk, that they are doing so for a UNITED America! We certainly have our problems as a country, but more than ever, we have an opportunity to grow into a better people. Let’s come together as we work to make sure we all have the same rights and privileges that are demanded of EVERY AMERICAN. Let’s change the narrative through positive action and words of love and compassion and not those of anger and hate. As my son prepares to leave, my prayers are for him to return safely to a country that is UNITED and where everyone is proud to be an American. 
Updates from Cindy

NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition
On June 29, Cape Fear Clinic received Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). Congratulations and thanks go out to the staff and volunteers for their dedication in transforming their clinic into a nationally Recognized Patient-Centered Medical Home.
It's a Virtual, Virtual World
Mark Scheerer
Deputy Director

COVID-19 has changed society in just a few months. The way you deliver care has changed and will continue to evolve over time. The way meetings are held are increasingly going to virtual formats as organizations look at ways to keep staff and community meetings safe for everyone. More and more organizations are holding meetings virtually and our Association is no different. Our meetings have also been impacted with the Summit cancelled that was to be held in the spring. On September 16, we will be holding our annual meeting virtually. While we realize there are advantages to meeting in person, there are also advantages to holding the meeting virtually primary among them is the elimination of any travel costs you would have incurred. Another advantage is more people from your staff, board and volunteers can participate from wherever they happen to be that day. Watch for more information.

An integral part of the annual members' meeting is the election of board members. Being a board member gives you a voice on important matters pertaining to the association and member clinics. Please see the special announcement above for board nomination information.

Timely article about racism and health.
Researchers and medical professionals have identified racism not only as a social problem, but also a health risk. Read more ...
Roadmap to Health Equity

Congratulations to Janet Jarrett and the Albemarle Hospital Foundation Community Care Clinic for being selected to participate in the Roadmap to Health Equity for free and charitable clinics!

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) is a leading innovator in health and health care improvement worldwide with more than 25 years’ experience. Their vision is that everyone has the best care and health possible, recognizing that achieving that vision will require a strategic focus on health equity. IHI’s 18-month Pursuing Equity Learning and Action Network underscores the urgency of eliminating inequities, provides improvement methods and tools for testing and learning ways to solutions, creates a network for sharing learning across organizations, and disseminates results, challenges, and most effective improvements. Participants will build knowledge and skills around IHI’s five-component framework for achieving health equity: 1) make health equity a strategic priority, 2) build infrastructure to support health equity, 3) address the multiple determinants of health, 4) eliminate racism and other forms of oppression, and 5) partner with your community to improve health equity. The IHI has awarded $30,000 scholarships to four free/charitable clinics that are participating in the Roadmap to Health Equity for Free/Charitable Clinics. The clinics selected will pursue achieving equity within their own clinics and communities and will also serve as ambassadors and model clinics for the larger Roadmap initiative, sharing learnings, best practices and strategies across the larger FCC sector and specifically among those participating in Roadmap.
NCAFCC and Clinics in the News
There have been a number of news articles and interviews highlighting the difference clinics are making during the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here to read more.
NAFC Charitable Health Care Symposium Transitioning to Virtual Conference

The NAFC Board has decided to transition the 2020 NAFC Annual Symposium to a virtual conference which will take place October 25-27, 2020. Over the next several weeks, the NAFC Staff and Advisory Working Group will be developing a registration process and an agenda for the virtual meeting. The NAFC will launch a registration site in August 2020. If you have already registered for the meeting or were selected as a speaker, the NAFC team will be reaching out to you individually via email in the upcoming weeks with more information.

Upcoming Events & Deadlines
Board of Directors 

Board Chair
April Cook, MBA
Lake Norman Community Health Clinic

Vice Chair
Tony Price
Moore Free and Charitable Clinic

John Price, MPA
 ORHCC – Retired

Tracy Salisbury
Open Door Clinic of Alamance County

Lisa Bottomley
Community Care Clinic

Sissy Lee-Elmore, MBA, MPA
WATCH Healthcare Program
Past Chair


Jerry Hermanson, MBA
Community Care Clinic of Highlands-Cashiers

Andy Kurtzman, MHCA
Scotland Community Health Clinic

Michael Lischke, EdD, MPH
Northwest AHEC
WFU School of Medicine

Theo McClammy
Caring Community Clinic

John Mills, CPC

Krista Woolly, MS
Community Care Clinic of Rowan County

2018 Annual Outcomes Report
The first four of our Healthy Neighbors podcasts are online on our website . In the first series, Randy Jordan and Dr. Andy Barbash discuss telemedicine and how NCAFCC clinics are adopting this model of care during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

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Deputy Director
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Cindy Jones , RCP
Director of Quality & Clinical Support
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Office Manager
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COVID-19 Grant Manager