October 2019

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Special Thanks to Our Leadership Retreat Sponsors
CEO Connection
Randy Jordan, CEO

Foxhole Buddies
It was wonderful to see so many at the Leadership Retreat. Thanks again to our sponsors, speakers and conference planners for putting together such a wonderful and informative program. In the Retreat’s afterglow I have been thinking about a conversation that I had a little more than three years ago with a respected health leader in Winston-Salem. I was attending my first Primary Care Conference in Durham, NC where we were introduced and he commented on all the good people that he had met at the conference. I responded by saying, “I think we self-select each other by choosing to do this work.”
That’s how I felt about all of you after our Leadership Retreat. What gifted, smart, compassionate and committed people who choose to work in North Carolina’s free and charitable clinics. My mind is filled with all the conversations we had as I tried to speak with all in attendance. Yes, we face constant funding and manpower challenges and the current environment of dramatic change in healthcare makes our work particularly challenging. But, I can think of no other group that I would want to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with as we face the future together in North Carolina. In an earlier job, when we were confronting the challenges of the moment, we used to talk about being “Foxhole Buddies.” This metaphor is used by leadership consultants to describe “friends you make for life as a result of a shared significant emotional experience.” Yep, that’s who we are for each other – Foxhole Buddies!
Quality and Clinical Support Updates
Cindy Jones, Director of Quality & Clinical Support

Updated 2018 Annual Outcomes Report is now available for your use.

October Musings
Mark Scheerer
Deputy Director

The Leadership Retreat was a rousing success again this year. We heard from speakers who spoke on timely topics and provided valuable information for clinics to take back to share with their staff and board. We had 37 clinics represented by clinic staff and board members. Thank you to all who attended! The PowerPoint presentations are available in the Members Only section of our website.

Comments from attendees:
  • Very interesting & informative!
  • Well put together program.
  • Excellent conference. Well planned!
  • Josh Jacobson's presentation was excellent. I will take home several points he made in his talk.
  • Informative, productive, entertaining - as always! Thank you for creating meetings that are an actual good use of time.
  • Great information and networking.

Special thanks to all our presenters and sponsors!

Video Updated
The NCAFCC video has been updated with information from the 2018 Annual Outcomes Report. This can be found in the Members Only section of the website and is available for your use at board meetings, community meetings, donor meetings, etc.

Everyone knows brands such as Apple, Coke and General Motors. Yes, they're known because they are huge corporations but they are also consistent with how they brand themselves. It is equally important that we show a consistent brand to the public. Please double-check your website and make sure you have our new logo on your site. I've noticed some websites still have our old logo or do not have our logo on the site at all. As we grow in stature, people are becoming more aware of free and charitable clinics and pharmacies so let's make sure we're consistent with our messaging. There are two logos available. One regular logo and one for accredited clinics. Each can be found in the Members Only section. You can also include the logo on your letterhead and newsletters and other publications, as well.

Pictures from the Leadership Retreat.
Resources and Information for You
Evidence-Based Toolkits for Rural Community Health from the Rural Health Information Hub
Step-by-step guides to help you build effective community health. Resources and examples are drawn from evidence-based and promising programs. By learning from programs that are known to be effective, you can make the best use of limited funding and resources. Click here for more information .

NC’s uninsured gap 9th highest in the nation - Read more

SHIFT NC (Sexual Health Initiatives for Teens) is a state-wide nonprofit working to improve adolescent and young adult sexual health in North Carolina. We are committed to helping communities serve young people in safe, effective, and age-appropriate ways. We know that doing that takes professional development. We provide: facilitator training in evidence-based and promising curricula; workshops to help teachers and other youth-serving professionals feel comfortable providing sex education and supporting LGBTQ youth; opportunities to help people understand
adolescent sexual health, including teen pregnancy, its root causes, and effective solutions; engagement opportunities for caring North Carolinians; and tailored training and technical assistance to address organizations’ specific needs.

For more information about training opportunities, click here.
Funding Announcement from NAFC

NAFC - CVS Health Foundation Coordinated Care Grant: APPLICATION NOW OPEN
DEADLINE: Friday, November 8, 2019 at 3:00pm EST

For more information and to apply, click here .
Clinic staff members attending the NAFC National Health Care Symposium
Andy Kurtzman
April Cook 
Brenda Vass
Bri Niggel
Carolyn Hinton
Cindy Cole
Cindy Jones
Chris Vaughn
Dustin Allen
Edie Reed
Ileana Rivera
Janet Jarrett
Jerry Hermanson
John Price
Judy Long
Krista Woolly
Laura Lever
Leona Doner
Lisa Bottomley
Lori Giang
Lynn McRae
Mandy Horner
Margaret Elliott
Mark Scheerer
Melinda Wallace 
Michael Lischke
Molly Jordan
Nancy Litton
Nicole Banahene
Randy Jordan
Sandy Motley
Sherri Fisher
Sissy Lee-Elmore
Tony Price
Tracy Salisbury
Rachel Zimmer
October 27-29, 2019 / Atlanta

HealthConnex Deadline
June 1, 2020
Board of Directors 

Board Chair
April Cook
Lake Norman Community Health Clinic

Vice Chair
Tony Price
Moore Free and Charitable Clinic

John Price
ORH - Retired

Tracy Salisbury
Open Door Clinic of Alamance County

Lisa Bottomley
Community Care Clinic

Sissy Lee-Elmore
WATCH Healthcare Program
Past Chair 
P atient-Centered Medical Home Transformation Initiative Video
Community Partners

Jerry Hermanson
Community Care Clinic of Highlands-Cashiers

Andy Kurtzman
Scotland Community Health Clinic

Michael Lischke
Northwest AHEC
WFU School of Medicine

Theo McClammy
Caring Community Clinic

John Mills

Krista Woolly
Community Care Clinic of Rowan County


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Deputy Director
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Cindy Jones , RCP
Director of Quality & Clinical Support
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