Volume 3 | Issue 2 |February 26, 2020
Monthly News and Updates
February 15 is officially the end of SAD season (Seasonal Affective Disorder) So let the Sun Shine On!!! - It's a real thing - if you have it - lights do help... Texas is not normally such a cloudy place but this year has been darker than most. I learned about SAD in Oregon. Believe me all the people from Sunny areas like California and Hawaii were complaining about the cloudy rainy weather there... So if you've been wondering what was up this year and now suddenly you are feeling better - think about having one on hand for the "darker days"

February is also the "adjust to the new EMR month" and it's going... okay.... Amy spent lots of time in January setting up all the forms and you who have come for appointments have seen us learning by trial and error. We've made a few adjustments as we go and are continuing to learn... However, Amy has been sidelined by a Rear-end accident on I-35 which was followed by a gallbladder attack the very next weekend... She spent a week in the hospital (bye-bye gallbladder) - so February has not her favorite Month so far... Please send her and Molly prayers for a speedy recovery! Meanwhile I thank you all for your patience as we make this change and I blunder on without Amy. I look forward to her return to health! There are some fixes we'll make once Amy is back. Believe me - the system - good as it is - won't be replacing Amy anytime soon. We will be glad to have her back at work Health and Happy Soon!!!

I believe our new booking app is easy to use. It gives you the ability to book, pay and reschedule your appointments from the comfort of your home when ever you want. You can reschedule appointments up to 24 hours in advance. With less than 24 hours a cancellation fee will be applied. If you believe significant circumstances like Ice/accident warrant no fee - just call instead of cancelling on line. I can over ride it.

When Visiting the Web site just use the BOOK NOW button like below and it will take you right to the schedule. You can choose you appointment type - then the times available will appear. Simply select a time and you can choose to pay now or pay in person.... Pay now lets you put a credit card in but you will not be charged till after you appointment. Choosing pay in person means your time slot will be pending approval - and you will hear back from us when I run through the schedule. I look forward to seeing you soon.
Caution!!! Skunk season - Toby took it on the nose - yuck!

For those of you who don't know the de-skunk recipe - it works amazing if you have the items on hand - which thankfully I did as I was surprised by a skunked dog yesterday at 5 am... The recipe is one quart hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup baking soda, and 1 teaspoon of dawn dish detergent. Be ware - it foams up so put it in a larger container then mop it on the dog's coat. Followed by a bath and you have a clean dog that truly does not smell like skunk anymore...

May the skunks find some other yard to live in.... LOL
Out of Network Insurance
Again - I no longer accept Medicare or Medicaid. But I'll be happy to see you for Health and Wellness but please see someone else in town for you prescription needs.

Out-of-network Physical Therapy is still offered but you pay cash for the treatment up front and then YOU bill your insurance. You need to do your homework on what they will cover - I no longer will spend hours on the phone with them or re-file multiple times to get paid. Be aware you may have a huge out of network deductible that is separate from your in- network deductible. You need to put a pen and paper to which makes sense for you... You are also welcome to see someone else for your Prescription needs and come here as an adjunct for the lower fee of Health and Wellness. If you are healthy enough for a Massage - you are healthy enough to have MFR under Health and Wellness.... at a significantly cheaper price.

I have come across a service that helps you file. Reimbursify is a company that charges you a nominal fee to help you file your claims. Check out their site for more information.
$20 off continues to Feb 29
I'm paying you $20 do re-do your paperwork in the new system when you do your intake paperwork before Feb 29. I've done an audit of those in the system and I owe a few of you your discount (sorry about that) Several of you - I have it pre booked on your next visit. Now that I'm a bit more up on how to use the system - I can take care of it for you on your next visit - just remind me.

Basically if you book an appointment for some date between now and June 30 - when it's confirmed - you will get the paperwork link to fill out. Please be sure to sign the release forms - when Amy gets back - we'll see if we can't stream line that a bit as many people are missing it as it's an extra click on a link to find the release forms... For now if you have trouble - watch the video below and you'll see her click on the link... If you are unsure when you want to come - simply cancel your appointment after you have filled out your forms... They will be date stamped when you submit them and will be available for use later. We will honor the $20 discount anytime between now and June 30, 2020... (a reminder from you that you are using it will be appreciated)

Amy recorded a couple walk-through videos that will post to the blog tomorrow.

Monthly Video Lesson
Myofascial Release opens you to an amazing healing journey and part of that journey includes self treatment. The book by Joyce Patterson Comprehensive Self Treatment is available at the office or on Amazon. It's a very good place to learn. I will try to put up a video soon - but that's an Amy thing...

So I hope you find these newsletters helpful!

So please see last month's video on how to stretch your upper thoracic spine - top of your rib cage as it was not up when we sent this out last time.

I look forward to Amy being back and to seeing you soon.

I've put the link up for Bemer before but those of you who watched it - it all came through as me - so I had no way of knowing who wanted more information. I've learned how to post a link so you log in so I know who you are... So please watch again as Bemer has helped me with improving my health significantly and I know it can help you too. I'm not the best Sales person as someone told me the other day they had no idea it was even for sale... Click on underlined word for web site browsing on Bemer For I-decide presentation I will also be doing a Bemer horse unit presentation next month - so text me if you want an invite.
If treating your own family is of interest:
Feature Heading
Healing Seminar for Patients and Therapist by John F. Barnes PT

Covington (Cincinnati, OH), Kentucky
April 3, 4, 5, 2020
Site:  Radisson Hotel Riverfront (Cincinnati, OH)