Volume 3 | Issue 1 | January 30, 2020
Monthly News and Updates
I am going to endeavor to keep my monthly newsletter going this year to keep everyone up to date on the goings on here at the clinic. I was so snowed under last year and the newsletter just went by the wayside, so I apologize.

In other news we have transitioned to a new scheduling and records system and we are very excited about it! You can schedule/reschedule your appointments online via smartphone, tablet or computer now through our website. If you would rather call in, that's fine too. Amy is always happy to help!
Word on the Street?
A patient of ours texted a few days ago, "I hear word on the street is that Lindy Physical Therapy is no longer taking insurance?"

This is mostly true as I have been transitioning to out-of-network with all insurances since last July. I no longer accept Medicare patients and never have accepted Medicaid. That being said, for the rare few who have out-of-network benefits that actually pay you can still use them here, you just have to do all the contacting of the insurance company yourself. We provide you with the coded superbill (and the clinical notes if asked for from the insurance company) and you pay cash up front for the services and get reimbursed based on benefits from your insurance.

The reasoning for this is twofold: the primary reason for the transition is I like to give my patients my full attention and what was happening when we were filing insurance is I would give each patient their full hour of treatment and then I was buried with a mountain of clinical notes at the end of the day. I was cleaning my desk the other day and came across one of my old reports that showed the notes that were due and it was like 25 notes. That translates to a minimum of 10-12 hours of extra work. If any of those notes were evals or progress notes - add an hour per eval each and that used to be my entire weekend. The other reason is because I am tired of not getting paid by insurance. It is an interesting thing jumping through all their hoops and then still getting told no after everything looks like it is going to be yes. What I do is specialized and there is only so much of me to go around so I choose to focus my energies on improving your health rather than dealing with insurance.
April and Toby get to stay home most of the time now thanks to my neighbor letting them out at lunch. They will still be at the office occasionally (particularly on stormy days). April has finally come out of her shell and is playing very well with Toby. They are great companions - maybe a bit messy house guests - but great companions no less.
New Widget on the Website for Online Booking:
We have adopted a new records and scheduling system that allows you to book and manage your own appointments online. You can still call or text Amy to schedule if you prefer.

The new system does require you to re-do your intake documents as it all digital now. To encourage everyone to take a moment to re-do this I am giving you $20 off your next health and wellness visit to complete your paperwork. The coupon code is up for grabs until the end of February and must be used before June 30, 2020.

Amy recorded a couple walk-through videos that will post to the blog tomorrow.

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Monthly Video Lesson
Myofascial Release opens you to an amazing healing journey and part of that journey includes self treatment. I tend in treatment to continue treating rather than teaching use of self treatment. I do get around to it sometimes but this will give you a place to come back to 2 look up techniques. I have referred many to the website to the blog to look at legs up the wall and balancing the pelvis. I'm going to try to develop a library of these and send it out once a month.

So I hope you find these newsletters helpful!

This month's video will feature how to stretch your upper thoracic spine - top of your rib cage! Video will post tomorrow.

If treating your own family is of interest:
Feature Heading
Healing Seminar for Patients and Therapist by John F. Barnes PT

Sedona, Arizona
February 10, 11, 12, 2020