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The county Health Department has given the go ahead for non-essential medical appointments. So please contact me if you'd like to come in! I've missed you!
You can also book online here .
San Francisco Chronicle Data
Bay Area
This tracker from the San Francisco Chronicle shows that the Bay Area has increasing cases, but decreasing deaths. Increasing cases may well be due to increased testing. The hospitalization data looks even better.
This tracker from the Los Angeles Times shows that California deaths are flat, which is not optimal. Cases are increasing, but as you can see below, testing is also increasing. The goal is to get to 60,000 tests per day. We almost made it for a few days.
Patient Appointments
The Medical Arts Building opened last week. The County just gave the go ahead for non-essential treatments. I understand that many may still be reluctant to come in. I will be making a few adjustments so that there will be no waiting, cleaning in between, mask and gloves. Hope to see everyone soon!
Plant Based Protein
I was amazed to see how much protein we should be getting! I've been ramping up the protein intake to help with muscle pain and overall decrease in muscle mass with age. Better sleep too! This article looks at how to increase plant based protein in your diet
First, Do No Harm
It's important to your health to avoid the things that can harm you. Evaluate risk/benefit very carefully. Sometimes the risks are not clearly delineated, which, in my opinion is malpractice. This blog tells the harrowing story of a pro ball player who had a spinal stimulator put in for back pain. This recent New Yorker article lays out how many medical devices are unregulated and dangerous. Horrible. Be careful out there dear readers!
Guidelines for Opening from Shelter in Place (joke...)
Optimize, or "hack" your health!
7 supplements to Live Longer, Rejuvenate Cells, Stay Limber, and Avoid Illness
For Covid prevention at least take Vitamin C and Vitamin D

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