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I'm not the first to observe that time has become quite elastic. It seems likes years since my last email to you!
Hope to see you soon. This ordeal is not over yet and treatment is great for stress and your immune system!
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San Francisco Chronicle Data
Bay Area
This tracker from the San Francisco Chronicle shows that the Bay Area has more detected cases, but deaths staying steady. Hospitalizations are showing an alarming uptick. Time will tell if it's a blip or a trend.
California deaths are flat. With increased testing, we also are seeing an increase in positive cases. The goal was to get to 60,000 tests per day to be able to relax opening. We have accomplished that and the data reveals more cases, logically enough. So it remains to be seen. In Florida and Texas, they've had to clamp back down on gatherings, bars and beaches.
Patient Appointments
The Medical Arts Building is open and Acupuncture visits are allowed. I'm seeing one patient per hour, so the days fill up quickly. I use gloves, and there is plenty of hand sanitizer, and extra gloves for those who want! Of course, masks are required for everyone, but for those who need facial points, (allergy, headaches etc..) you are free to take off the mask for treatment. Hope to see everyone soon!
Yoga for Inflammation and Improved Stress Levels
This article looks at yoga for Rheumatoid Arthritis and measures not only stress levels, but inflammatory markers also. It doesn't surprise me at all that both improved! Acupuncture improves stress and inflammatory markers too.
Sleep-Immune Crosstalk
Sleep is essential for so many aspects of health. Recent research is drawing the correlation between sleep and immune function. Get your ZZZ's during the pandemic!!
" Enhancement of sleep during an infection is assumed to feedback to the immune system to promote host defense. Indeed, sleep affects various immune parameters, is associated with a reduced infection risk, and can improve infection outcome and vaccination responses. "
Deep Toughness
I confess that during the pandemic, I've been working on a long form piece of writing called
"Achieving Deep Toughness: The Recent Scientific Underpinnings of Ancient Practice". I have no experience in writing, so it's been a real challenge and probably a quixotic one! But it's a story that needs to be told.
I hope to have a bit to share soon. If you've seen esoteric content on the blog, it's part of the writing project.

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7 supplements to Live Longer, Rejuvenate Cells, Stay Limber, and Avoid Illness
For Covid prevention at least take Vitamin C and Vitamin D

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