The Hume Center is a licensed, non-profit community mental health center with offices in Concord, Pittsburg, Richmond, Fremont, Pleasanton, and Hayward.
Register now! Clinical Interview and Intake Course with Dr. Meji Singh!

We are excited to announce that Dr. Singh and the Community Behavioral Health Practice Training Center are accepting registration for the Clinical Interview and Intake course taking place on Tuesday, May 28, 2019! 

Course Description:
The focus of this course will not just be to diagnose the disorder the "patient" is suffering from. The emphasis is on how to structure and conduct clinical interview so that the Psychotherapist can understand how the psychological processes are integrated within an individual and their manifestation in their behavior. What might have impacted their psychological growth and their present behavioral functioning? It will provide the psychotherapist a more clear direction for how to respond to the person who  experiences psychological suffering so that their behavior changes to their advantage.

Register now as this event takes place on Tuesday, May 28, 2019, from 9am to 4pm! Check out the Clinical Interview and Intake Course Description.
Did You Know that SSI Recipients May Be Eligible for Cal Fresh?

Go to for more information. Please share this multilingual flier with anyone who might benefit from this.
Emotional Wellness Camp for South Asian Youth

Come Learn  About What's New at Hume at C ontra Costa Behavioral Health Division's  Adult Systems of Care Meeting on 6/28/19

Please join Hume at the next Adult Systems of Care Meeting as we partner with Contra Costa's Health, Housing, and Homeless Division (H3) to discuss Hume's Rapid Resolution Program. This program, which has been developed in partnership with H3, seeks to prevent homelessness in Contra Costa. 

You will also get a chance to be reintroduced to Margaret Schiltz, PsyD. She has been the Program Manager for our Community Integrated Outpatient Services (CIOS) in Richmond and has now been promoted to Clinic Manager of our Richmond Clinic, where she will manage both the CIOS and also our Full Service Partnership (FSP) in West, which we call Community Support Program West (CSPW)

Register Now!  Crack the Wellness Code 2.0!
Featuring Dr. Meji Singh 

Hume will once again be participating in the Annual Event  - Crack the Wellness Code 2.0 (CWC2.0) on  June 8, 2019 at ICC, Milpitas! Check out the Flyer  and detailed Agenda  to Register .

One highlight of this event is the Panel on Democratizing Wellness where our Founding Leader Dr. Meji Singh will be speaking and Hume Center's contribution and extensive outreach will be recognized. 

As usual, there are impactful keynotes, engaging discussions, and panels. Kaiser Permanente Chairman and CEO, Bernard Tyson and Harvard Medical School Prof. Sanjeev Chopra will be quizzed by our dedicated Doctor Patrons to keep you enthralled. Wellness Pioneers like Naras Bhat and Alan Goldhamer are set to keep everyone engrossed with several golden nuggets of Wellness Best Practices to try at home.

Enjoy healthy cooking demo and specially crafted menu by Cathy Fisher, Culinary Expert and author of Straight Up Food. Stretch out and dance during the fitness drill. Learn to how tackle sitting disease. Try out laughter yoga and join the mentoring and networking session with a health Hero or a local wellness meetup group.  
Connected Home use cases are demonstrated by Reenita, head of Global Healthcare at Frost & Sullivan. Heart Math, Hume Center and SF Advanced Health will discuss how they impacted diverse population. Vignesh explores Ayurveda practices while taking about Mind Track and Meditation. And of course, the Doctor Patrons take the stage to tell you about "easy to adopt Wellness practices".  
Lots of fun as well as life changing practices are packed into CWC2.0.  Why wait? Register  now!

Annual Community Partners Picnic on June 7th!

It's time for fellowship, fun, and feasting again at the Annual Picnic in Concord! See this flier for more information.
Mental Wellness Wise Wednesdays!

Have you heard of the monthly support group for African Americans? Click here for more information.
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