JUNE 2019

NEW CDC Policy  

Addressing Barriers to  
Health Care
Breast Cancer Screening & Diagnostics for Transgender Women
Transgender women (male-to-female), who have taken or are taking hormones and meet all program eligibility requirements, are eligible to receive breast cancer screening and diagnostic services through You First. While CDC does not make any recommendation about routine screening among this population, grantees and providers should counsel all eligible women, including transgender women, about the benefits and harms of screening and discuss individual risk factors to determine if screening is medically indicated.
The Center of Excellence for Transgender Health and the World Professional Association for Transgender Health have developed consensus recommendations on preventive care services for the transgender population. Those recommendations include "for transgender women with past or current hormone use, breast-screening mammography in patients over age 50 with additional risk factors (e.g., estrogen and progestin use for 5-10 years, positive family history, BMI > 35)." 

Breast Cancer Screening & Diagnostics for Transgender Men
Transgender men (female-to-male), who have not undergone a bilateral mastectomy and meet all program eligibility requirements, are also eligible to receive breast cancer screening and diagnostic services through You First. 

Cervical Cancer Screening & Diagnostics for Transgender Men Transgender men (female-to-male) who have a cervix or had a total hysterectomy for a pre-cancerous condition or cancer and meet all other eligibility requirements are eligible to receive cervical cancer screening and diagnostic services through You First.
Also, You First can pay for a member to have an office visit for a pelvic exam to determine if the member still has a cervix, a member may not know if she had a partial or full hysterectomy related to a pre-cancerous condition or cancer.  It is important to note that members who have had a partial hysterectomy still need Pap smears.
Treatment for Breast Cancer or Cervical Cancer/Pre-cancerous Condition 
Any individual screened by the You First program who has breast or cervical cancer or pre-cancerous condition is eligible for the Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program.This program provides Medicaid coverage for treatment and also covers additional services such as primary care, specialist services, transportation, physical therapy, limited dental, mental health counseling, eye exams, and more.