ICTR May 2022 Newsletter                            
In This Issue

  • ICTR Celebrates Milestone Anniversaries
  • New Human Subject Research Project Navigation Tool
  • Translational Research and Therapeutics Development Mentorship & Pitch Contest
  • Spotlight on Success - New NIH Translational or Clinical Research Grants
ICTR Celebrates Years of Service
The Institute for Clinical and Translational Research would like to highlight some of our staff members who have reached milestones at Einstein and Montefiore:

5 years: Rachel Holland
10 years: Nickie Cimaglia, Jill Kirschen, Jeff LaFleur
15 years: Elizabeth Castro, Wanda Sterling
20 years: Christine Anderson

Congratulations on these milestones anniversaries, we are thankful for all of your dedicated work!
New Human Subject Research Project Navigation Tool
We are pleased to introduce our new Human Subject Research Project NavigationTool! This interactive webpage was developed as a collaborative effort between the ICTR, Department of Medicine, and Office of Clinical Trials.  
The “Research Navigation Tool” is designed to guide your research activities throughout the project lifecycle and is organized into 5 key sections: Education & Training, Planning & Development, Project Setup or Initiation, Project Management, and Close Out.  
Within each section you will find all relevant topics, and a summary of the topic’s importance, requirements (ex: federal regulations, institutional policies, etc.), best practice tips, “how to get started”, and related tools and resources.  
Research Community News and Funding
Mentorship and Development Pitch Contest
The Office of Biotechnology and Business Development presents the inaugural Translational Research and Therapeutics Development Mentorship Program and Pitch Contest on Tuesday, June 7th 3-6pm in LeFrak Auditorium at Price Center/Block Pavilion.

Register by June 2nd for this live therapeutics venture and pitch competition to learn about exciting technologies at Einstein and meet venture capitalists and investors. To learn more and register, click here.
Pilot Funding Opportunity: Chronic Pain and Opioid Use Disorder
Application are open to apply for an IMPOWR-ME Pilot Project Award. A major goal of the IMPOWR – ME Pilot Project program is to stimulate collaborative research that is valued by people with lived experience with chronic pain and OUD and other community partners. IMPOWR-ME is a NIH HEAL Initiative funded Research Center to develop and test integrated treatments for people who have chronic pain and opioid use disorder (OUD), with the goal of improving health, health care, and well-being.
IMPOWR-ME research engages persons with lived experience with chronic pain, OUD, or both, as well as community leaders, advocates, health system partners, and payors, in all stages of the research through the IMPOWR-ME Community Leadership Board. The Community Leadership Board has identified several priority areas for pilot projects:

a. Lived experience: Incorporating or seeking to understand the viewpoints of people with lived experience with chronic pain and OUD.
b. Stigma: Understanding and reducing stigma and discrimination that individuals with chronic pain and opioid use experience in health care settings, for example, through provider training.
c. Whole health: Developing or testing interventions or studying outcomes that address the holistic health and well-being of individuals with chronic pain and OUD, including reducing stress and improving adaptive coping skills.
d. Innovative models of care: Developing or testing ways to improve access to care, engagement in care, or self-management, for example, through innovative models of care delivery (e.g., telehealth, e-health, flexible scheduling, community health workers, low-threshold access to care) and/or through collaboration with community organizations (e.g., faith-based organizations or shelters), policymakers, or health system partners.
e. Innovative therapies: Developing or testing innovative therapies with potential to help individuals with chronic pain and OUD (e.g., cannabinoids, psychedelics, acupuncture, eye movement desensitization reprocessing).

Click here for instructions. Submit your application via email to Megan Ghiroli ([email protected]) by the deadline of May 20th. Late applications will not be accepted. For application-related matters, please contact Dr. Julia Arnsten at [email protected]
Advancing Equity in Pediatrics Series
The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) NYS Chapter 3 is sponsoring an anti-racism series. All members of the NYS AAP - Chapters 1, 2 and 3 are invited to attend, free of charge. Non member pediatricians seeking CME and/or MOC can either join the Chapter (if they are in NY), or pay a $125 fee as a non member.

4. May 25th - "Dealing with Patient Bias: Recommendations for Healthcare Workers & Medical Center"
5. June 1st - "Negotiating Racial Microaggressions As Underrepresented STEM Students/Asset Based Admission Practices for URM in Optometry: Lessons Learned"  

For more information, contact Jessica Geslani at [email protected].
Spotlight on Success
Einstein-Montefiore investigators continue to succeed in obtaining funding. Some of these investigators with new grant awards are (from left to right):

Shivani Argarwal MD, Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine (Endocrinology), Shadi Nahvi MD, MS, Associate Professor, Departments of Medicine (General Internal Medicine) and Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Aristea Galanopoulou MD, PhD, Professor, Departments of Neurology (Pediatric Neurology) and Neuroscience, David Loeb MD, PhD, Professor, Departments of Pediatrics (Pediatric Hematology-Oncology) and Developmental & Molecular Biology, Johanna Daily MD, MS, Professor, Departments of Medicine (Infectious Diseases) and Microbiology & Immunology), and Michael Lipton MD, PhD, Professor, Departments of Radiology (Neuroradiology) and Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.
Research in the Headlines
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