For Immediate Release
March 20, 2020
Margie Christie, Executive Director

As a member of Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio:

Clinics Defy Statewide Mandate - Risk Spreading COVID-19
Ohio abortion facilities remain open despite Health Director’s mandate
(Dayton, OH)— Despite Ohio Health Director Amy Acton’s mandate that "all non-essential and elective surgeries and procedures" cease, abortion facilities across the state remain open risking the spread of COVID-19 to patients, staff, and the general public. While the mandate went into effect at 5:00 p.m. on March 18th, they continued business as usual yesterday and remain open today. Citizens across the state confirmed this fact yesterday by calling each individual facility.

See also the statement from the Ohio State Medical Association , re-enforcing the Health Director's mandate by stating that, "All non-essential surgeries must be postponed."

Not only are these facilities using up scarce personal protective equipment, they risk spreading the Coronavirus all over Ohio and our neighboring states. Furthermore, abortionists themselves are not immune to COVID-19 and some, including one in Michigan, may have already contracted the disease. These "healthcare organizations" are ignoring a global pandemic, blatantly defying the law, and risking the lives of many innocent citizens.  These facilities would also put a burden on community EMTs and hospital ERs, should they have a medical emergency at one of their locations.

"The reckless behavior of these so-called 'healthcare providers' is reprehensible. We must protect our communities," says Margie Christie, Executive Director of Dayton Right to Life.

"The fact that these abortion facilities have absolutely no regard for public health indicates that they are not healthcare institutions at all," said Molly Smith, President of Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio and Executive Director of Cleveland Right to Life. "They shout in the legislature, in the public forum, on social media – that their entire purpose for existence is women’s health. How hypocritical then to defy a mandate from the Ohio Health Department itself and put the lives of all Ohio citizens’ in jeopardy in order to perform elective abortion procedures!"

The Right to Life Action Coalition, consisting of dozens of state pro-life groups, is working with Governor DeWine, the Ohio Department of Health, and the Attorney General for an immediate solution to this issue. We are grateful to those leaders in our state who continue to protect the public health during this time of crisis. This is a developing situation, and we will keep you informed.