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August 5-August 12, 2019
New Study Shows Migratory Tuna Species are Spawning in Pacific Marine Protected Area

Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) have proven themselves as successful strategies to protect spawning habitat and nurseries for nearshore fish populations. However, it has been a harder case to make that MPAs protect highly migratory and highly valuable pelagic species such as tuna, as those species spawn in the open ocean. The Republic of Kiribati, an island nation in the Pacific, has now contributed to the understanding that pelagic species can indeed reap the benefits of MPAs, thanks to a recent study published in Scientific Reports that looked at tuna spawning around the nation’s Phoenix Island Protected Area (PIPA).  Continue reading here (Source: EIN Newsdesk)
Papua New Guinea Turns Toward China, Seeks Help With Tuna Processing Investment

A Chinese fishing firm is edging towards a deal to allow it access to the waters off Papua New Guinea with six large fishing vessels. The fleet is set to sail after a team of eight officials from the Pacific island state visited the company at its home port in Zhejiang Province.

The officials inspected safety and tracking devices aboard six vessels of the Wenzhou Da Zhou Distant Water Fishing Co. They were accompanied by company executives and officials from local government in Dontou County, near the city of Wenzhou, a major export-focused manufacturing hub. Continue reading here ( Source: Seafood Source)
Pacific Forum Fisheries Agency Enacts New Crew Welfare Regulations

The Harmonised Minimum Terms and Conditions for Access by Fishing Vessels (MTCs) are one of FFA Members’ key tools to regulate fishing access to their waters. They are a mechanism for setting agreed standards to apply in all FFA Members’ EEZs in support of the effective management of their fisheries resources. The MTCs apply to foreign fishing vessels licensed to fish in the EEZs of FFA Members. FFA Members can also apply them to their domestic fleets.

Legal application of the MTCs will occur through national legislation, regulations and/or licensing conditions . Continue reading here ( Source: All About Shipping)
Thai Union Group Gross Profit Up 13% in 2Q

Thai Union Public PCL (Thai Union) reported a 13.1 percent increase in gross profit in the second quarter of the year, with stronger performances from the frozen seafood and PetCare and value-added product businesses.

Gross profit for the period was THB 5,364 million, while the gross profit margin improved to 16.7 percent from 14.0 percent in the second quarter of 2018. The strong gross profit resulted in a stronger EBITDA at 15.4 percent compared to the same period a year earlier and an interim dividend of THB 0.25 per share. Continue reading here (Sourc e: WebWire)
American Tunaboat Association Loses Lawsuit in Fight Against NMFS

The American Tunaboat Association, a trade group representing owners and operators of the U.S. tuna fleet, has lost a lawsuit that it filed after being denied “applicant” status by the National Marine Fisheries Service in Endangered Species Act consultations.

In December 2018, the ATA received a notification of rejection from the NMFS in its attempt to be given applicant status under the agency’s rules for participating with full rights and status in consultations on the NMFS’ decisions regarding how to apply the Endangered Species Act in the U.S. purse-seine tuna fishery in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean. The ATA’s appeal of the decision was rejected in January 2019 by senior officials in the NMFS and U.S. Department of Commerce. In response, the ATA sued in April 2019 . Continue reading here ( Source: Seafood Source)
Pacific Island Leaders Renew Shipping Emissions Battle

Nine leaders of climate crisis-threatened islands in the Pacific have signed the Nadi Bay Declaration, urging for immediate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions cuts, with shipping central to their demands.

Citing a report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the declaration states: “The science warns of the real possibility that coral atoll nations could become uninhabitable as early as 2030. By 2100, the coral atoll nations of the republic of the Marshall Islands, Tuvalu, Kiribati, Tokelau and the Maldives and many [small island developing states] could be submerged.”

Contained within the document is demands for shipping to slash its carbon footprint.
Continue reading here ( Source: Splash247)
Climate Change Could Expose More Humans to Mercury in Seafood

The levels of harmful methylmercury (MeHg) found in fish may have spiked over the past three decades. That's according to scientists, who believe global warming could be to blame.

Researchers created models to estimate that between the 1970s and 2000s, the levels of the substance in Atlantic bluefin tuna increased by 56 percent; and 23 percent in Atlantic cod. The authors of the paper published in the journal  Nature  pinned the climb to rising seawater temperatures after 1969.

The toxin can be passed on from a mother to her fetus and has been linked to long-term neurocognitive problems in children, which can last into adulthood. Continue reading here ( Source: Newsweek)
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