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April 1-8, 2019
Pacific Happy With Outcomes at Tuna Commission Meeting

Pacific Islands fisheries leaders are satisfied with the outcomes of the just completed meeting of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission, or Tuna Commission, in Hawaii.

There have been agreements to maintain the current limits on the tuna catch, minimum labour standards for fishing crews, and expanding the involvement of Small Island Developing States in the work of the Commission.

The Tropical Tuna Measure that is considered essential to sustainable management of the tuna fishery remains in place, with the United States withdrawing a push to increase its catch. Continue reading here (Source: Herdon Gazette).
PNA Gets ‘Healthy Tuna’ Report, Works On Key Management Initiatives

Western and Central Pacific tuna stocks are all in healthy condition, reported scientists with the Pacific Community (SPC) at the recently concluded Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA) Officials annual meeting in Palau.

“This is in part due to strong, long-term management of the tuna fishery in PNA waters through the purse seine Vessel Day Scheme (VDS),” said PNA CEO Ludwig Kumoru. He pointed to fish aggregating device (FAD) closures, limits on fishing days, and other PNA conservation measures that have contributed to the overall sustainability of the tuna fishery.

“In comparison to tuna stocks in other oceans, the Pacific tuna stocks are doing well,” he noted. Bigeye, yellowfin, albacore and skipjack are all reported in healthy condition in this region, according to the SPC stock assessment for 2017 presented last month at the PNA officials meeting in Palau.  Continue reading here (Source: PNA Tuna).
86% Of Global Tuna Catch Continues To Come From Stocks At Healthy Levels, But Some Stocks Remain Overfished

Of the total tuna catch, 86% came from  stocks  at “healthy” levels — an unchanged share since last reported in October 2018 — according to the March 2019 International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF)  Status of the Stocks  report.  Skipjack tuna  stocks — which remain at healthy levels in all ocean regions — still comprise over one-half of the total catch.
ISSF publishes its signature Status of the Stocks report at least twice each year using the most current scientific data on major commercial tuna stocks.

The  fishing mortality  rating was changed for two stocks since the previous report: The Fishing Mortality rating for both Mediterranean  albacore  and Western Pacific  yellowfin  was modified from “yellow” to “green.” The ISSF  Scientific Advisory Committee  (SAC) determined that this change was needed to harmonize those ratings and the report’s ratings methodology. Continue reading here (Source: International Seafood Sustainability Foundation).
Pacific Tuna Stocks Are At A Healthy Level: Is Sustainable Fishery Management Responsible?

Pacific tuna stocks are at a healthy level in comparison to other tuna, according to the  Parties to the Nauru Agreement  (PNA).

The CEO of PNA, Ludwig Kumoru, said: “In comparison to tuna stocks in other oceans, the Pacific tuna stocks are doing well,” he said. Bigeye, yellowfin, albacore, and skipjack are all said to be in healthy condition in this region.”

Over the past several years, PNA has maintained the same level of fishing days without increase. This has meant there has been a relatively stable catch tonnage in both the purse seine and longline industries. Continue reading here ( Source: Scitech Europa).
Bangkok, Manta Skipjack Prices Still Rising Fast With ETP Catches Poor

Prices for skipjack tuna raw material are on the rise in processing hubs in Ecuador and Thailand, with catches slow in the eastern tropical Pacific (ETP), sources told Undercurrent News.

The skipjack price level for April deliveries to Thai capital Bangkok, for processing by the likes of Thai Union Group and Sea Value, is at $1,600 per-metric-ton, up from $1,480-$1,500/t for March ( see the Undercurrent prices portal  and the image below), multiple sources in the tuna sector told Undercurrent. 

In Manta, the processing hub in Ecuador, prices are at $1,750/t, with $1,800/t seen coming soon, sources said. This is up from around $1,650/t last month. Continue reading here ( Source: Undercurrent News).
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