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December 31-January 4, 2019
Chinese Fish Carrier Aground on Deserted Island in the Marshall Islands

A Chinese fish carrier with 24 crew is aground on an uninhabited atoll in the Marshall Islands.

The ship, identified as the 308-foot Chinese-flagged commercial fishing carrier Ou Ya Leng No. 6, ran aground Wednesday on Taka Atoll.

Maritime Rescue Coordination Center China personnel notified the U.S. Coast Guard at 4:15 a.m. of a fishing vessel taking on water 180 nautical miles (207 statute miles) northeast of Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands. Continue reading here (Source: qCaptain).
Skipjack Raw Material Market to Continue Softening

Prices for skipjack tuna raw material are likely to be at record lows for the beginning of 2019 calendar year, IEG Vu sources recently noted.

With prices  around USD1,300 per tonne in Bangkok’s market , January deliveries are being negotiated down and are expected to settle between USD1,225-1,250/tonne, two industry sources told IEG Vu.

Raw material prices started to decline in late October, with no interruption as yet. Raw material supplies have been timely guaranteed, with some industry sources wisely forecasting in November  a USD1,300/tonne benchmark in Bangkok’s market  by January.

Based on sources’ estimates and market fluctuations, IEG Vu estimated in early December –  at the time of writing the Global Outlook 2019  – that the skipjack raw material price downtrend would last until early in January, expecting price trends to change for Q1. Continue reading here (Source: IEG Vu).
Prices for Bluefin Tuna Increasing by as Much as 40%

Prices for bluefin tuna from the vicinity of the Tsugaru Strait, including those from Oma, Aomori Prefecture, have been moving at higher levels in December.

Supplies have been recovering in December after staying at low levels due to new curbs on catches in the area.

The number of bluefin tuna from the strait that arrived at Tokyo’s main fish market from the beginning of December through Friday totaled some 340, up nearly 20 percent from the year-before level.   Continue reading here (Source: Japan News).
Canned Tuna Sales Suffer Amid Waves of Changing Tastes

During the last 30 years, consumption of tuna has declined 42%, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture data reported by The Wall Street Journal. The decrease has continued in recent years, with sales of the fish dropping 4% in volume from 2013 to October 2018, according to data from market research firm IRI.

The industry places blame on consumers, particularly millennia's who are turning away from more processed options, but simultaneously are looking for more convenience. This apparently doesn't include canned products. "A lot of millennia's don't even own can openers," Andy Mecs, the vice president of marketing and innovation for StarKist, told The Wall Street Journal. Continue reading here (Source: Food Dive).
Ecuadorian Tuna Fleet Aims for MSC Certification by 2020

The Tuna Conservation Group (Tunacons), made up of Ecuadorian tuna companies Negocios Industriales Real (Nirsa), Eurofish, Jadran Group, Servigroup and the US firm Tri-Marine International, is on track to achieve the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification by 2020, it told Undercurrent News.

The  five tuna companies  -- which operate 40 vessels accounting for 25% of the fleet operating in the region -- are working on a fishery improvement project (FIP), with the objective of achieving MSC certification for tuna caught in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. They plan to start the MSC certification process in 2019 and achieve it by 2020.
Tunacons' FIP has been evaluated satisfactorily after a year from its start by consultant Luis Ambrosio, who has an extensive experience in the subject, Tunacons told Undercurrent News. Continue reading here (Source: Undercurrent News).
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