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15-21 June 2021
The Mice That Roared: How Eight Tiny Countries Took on Foreign Fishing Fleets

It has been described as “the most remarkable achievement of the Pacific island countries in the last 50 years”.

In 1982, eight, mostly minuscule Pacific island countries in whose waters much of the world’s skipjack tuna was caught got together and decided to do something to get a share of the profits, of which they received precisely nothing.

In a shining example of regional cooperation, the group, known as the Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA), successively outmanoeuvred the United States, Japan and Taiwan, and later mainland China and the European Union. Continue reading here (Source: The Guardian).
The Pacific Scheme Gatekeeping Fish Stocks and Raising Livelihoods

The Vessel Day Scheme is delivering a fair share of fish stock profits to the members of the Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA) and managing sustainable fishing practices in the Pacific.

The regional Pacific program developed under the PNA, which controls the world’s largest sustainable tuna purse seine fishery, and has evolved through a process of trial and error over almost four decades. It has garnered praise as one of ‘the most remarkable achievements of the Pacific island countries in the last 50 years’.

Writing for Foreign Policy, journalist Christopher Pala outlined how the regional program has delivered an equitable system for eight island nations in the Pacific to get a fair share of profits international fleets earn catching their local tuna stock. Continue reading here (Source: The Mandarin).
Spanish Tuna Operators Join in Anti-Piracy Campaign

Spanish tuna operators have become the latest to sign the “Declaration of Gulf of Guinea on Suppression of Piracy” initiative that, among other things, is pushing for the deployment of a non-regional naval force to tackle rampant piracy along the 6,000-kilometer coastline extending from Senegal to Angola.

The Spanish tuna fleet, represented by the Organization of Associated Producers of Large Tuna Freezers (OPAGAC), joins more than 100 other anti-piracy campaigners, including maritime, fishing companies, organizations, and flag states, calling for tough measures to contain the piracy menace in the Gulf of Guinea, where 82 of the 195 piracy incidents were reported globally in 2020 took place. Continue reading here (Source: SeafoodSource).
Indian Ocean Tuna Stocks Still in Danger of Collapse, NGOs Warn

Indian Ocean tuna stocks remain under threat after “minimal progress” at the annual meeting of the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission, NGOs and industry bodies have warned.

After a special session of the UN body in March failed to make any progress on moving total allowable tuna catches to sustainable levels, there were increased fears stocks of the species could collapse by 2026.

But in last week’s IOTC annual meeting, 25 out of the 30 member states of the IOTC reached an agreement to work towards rebuilding stocks by reducing the total allowable catch (TAC) of yellowfin tuna to 401,000 tonnes from the 427,000 tonnes recorded in 2019 – the most recent data period. Continue reading here (Source: The Grocer).
Mitsubishi Canned Seafood Subsidiary Princes Closes Two Plants Following COVID-19 Outbreak
Mitsubishi-owned canned seafood giant Princes confirmed the temporary closure of two of its plants in Mauritius following a COVID-19 outbreak among its workers.

A total of 65 workers recently tested positive for coronavirus, however none are reporting any severe symptoms.

Mauritius' Ministry of Health (MOH) placed all of the hostels that Princes operates for migrant workers into "red zones" and the workers are either isolating within these hostels or have been moved to government run quarantine facilities, said a spokesperson for Princes Tuna Mauritius. Continue reading here (Source: IntraFish).
China's Maritime Fleet Uses Predatory Fishing Practices to Feast on Smaller Countries
China has spent decades overfishing its waters and decimating its sea life. Now, with nowhere left to go, the country’s massive fishing fleet has pushed itself into international waters and at times resorted to predatory (and illegal) fishing practices in other countries’ coastal domains.

China typically targets small nations that can’t defend themselves or lack the resources to put up much of a fight.

The East Asian behemoth has gotten away with so much of this activity that it fishes as though the rules don’t apply to them, and to this day, it sends its massive floating militia into protected coastal waters. Continue reading here (Source: Tales Buzz).
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