Summer Yacht Newsletter
August 2019
  • Insight on Yacht Brokerage: After 17 years at Edmiston, Chris Cecil-Wright took a leap of faith and left to run his own brokerage house to look after a small number of special boats and select clients. As the show season gets underway, Chris and his team are hoping to continue their trend of selling a boat at every Monaco Yacht Show. With three berths booked in preparation, along with his positive attitude and wealth of knowledge, he may well get lucky. In the meantime, over a cup of coffee on New Hampshire, Chris gives a fascinating insight into the business from the eyes and mind of one of the superyacht industry's most influential and successful yacht brokers. (Source: Superyacht Times) Continue Reading
  • What Makes A Superyacht A Superyacht?: Each of the largest, most expensive, most over-the-top yachts in the world are custom-built creations that represent the pinnacle of creativity, craftmanship, luxury and yes…billionaire bragging rights. But the question I’m often asked is…what makes a superyacht a superyacht? Is there a minimum price, or size, or other criteria that separates “super” yachts from much more common “yachts?” Does a superyacht require its own helicopter? What about a swimming pool(s) or IMAX theater? (Source: Forbes) Continue Reading
  • The Ultimate Guide to Cannes Yachting Festival 2019: With less than a month left before the start of one of the world's largest yacht exhibitions, Yacht Harbour takes a look through the highlights of Cannes Yachting Festival 2019, that will see its 42nd edition from 10 to 15 September 2019. Last year, the exhibition attracted 51 thousand visitors from all over the world, to witness 542 exhibitors who brought 638 boats to the Cote d'Azur, including 219 new models. This year, according to forecasts, the number of exhibitors will grow by 8%, to over 50 thousand visitors. (Source: Yacht Harbour) Continue Reading
  • Superyacht MY Song Lost From Cargo Ship During Transport: The big story from over the weekend was without question the loss of the 40-meter sailing yacht MY Song in the Mediterranean Sea after the superyacht fell from the deck of the cargo ship that was transporting it. The award-winning yacht, owned by Italian billionaire Pier Luigi Loro Piana, was being transported aboard the general cargo ship MV Brattinsborg when the incident occurred early Saturday morning. (Source: G Captain) Continue Reading
  • Call For Evidence on Emissions From Yachts: Boat owners, port and marina operators and boat yards and storage companies are being asked to respond to the Department for Transport’s Call for Evidence looking at air pollutant emissions from all domestic vessels, including yachts.It is part of the UK Government’s Clean Air Strategy which sets out the need to reduce emissions from all sources to improve air quality, including emissions from boats used around the coast and inland waterways. (Source: Yachting Monthly) Continue Reading
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