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February 2017: Death Takes a Road Trip
European Edition

"Do you consider crime fiction to be a harmless diversion? ...In fact, if you're not paying close attention to the text, you could be missing an incisive and penetrating guide to the socio-economic and political elements of the countries you're visiting, freighted in amidst the detection and rising body count. The ever-growing success of crime fiction (other than the British/American model) is built on the awareness among readers that the best writers from Italy, Germany, and elsewhere are now regarded as social commentators with quite as acute a grasp of the way their countries work as any serious journalist."
A list of European mystery authors, the country they or their work represents, & their well-known series or characters begins on the right and continues at the bottom of the newsletter. Clicking on the author's name will bring you to their biography, while clicking on a series or character link will bring you to a bibliography of books. Happy mystery reading!
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Dan Fesperman
Bosnia & Herzegovina
Josef Skvorecky
Czech Republic  
Denise Mina
U.K. (Scotland)
Alex Morrow
U.K. (Great Britain) 

U.K. (Northern Ireland) 

It's certain that, while compiling my list,
I missed authors of note who fits this category.
Please email me if you see any glaring omissions
and I will add the author(s) in question,
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