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December 2016: Holiday Murder & Mayhem
"Everyone knows that Christmas is the season to be jolly--or is it? If there is so much good cheer, human kindness and brotherly love passed around during the holiday, why is it so often the setting for murder? At least of the fictional variety. Why is the Yule so very popular as a backdrop for crime, murder, blood and mayhem? A brief examination of several Christmas mystery novels should be enough to supply anyone with a few 'clues.'
First of all, 'there is no place like home for the holidays'; everyone gathers there for the festivities--husbands, wives, children, in-laws, long-lost aunts and uncles, and, of course, the occasional detective or amateur crime solver. Where better to find a motive than amongst squabbling 'blood' relatives or friends? ...Sometimes it is not the family gathering or the snowbound nature of the frivolities that lends a touch of mystery and murder to the season, however; it's eccentric customs or unexpected events which catapult the characters into a holiday pursuit of crime."
--Patricia J. Fanning

A list of holiday-themed books begins on the right and continues at the bottom of the newsletter. Happy holidays, and mystery reading!
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Classic Mystery Fiction

Death Takes a Road Trip: Europe Edition
Mary Higgins Clark
Hard Christmas
Barbara D'Amato
Jane Langton
ed. Charlotte MacLeod
Christmas Night Murder
Lee Harris
Sister Carol Anne O'Marie 
Murder for Christmas
ed. Thomas Godfrey
Joan Hess 
Jerusalem Inn
Martha Grimes 
Hercule Poirot's Christmas
Agatha Christie
ed. Martin Edwards 
Mystery in White
J. Farjeon
Donna Andrews 
Ten Lords A-Leaping
C.C. Benison 
 Christmas Carol Murder
Leslie Meier
A Christmas Hope
Anne Perry 
Murder, Served Simply
Isabella Alan
Barbara Fradkin
Cat Crimes for the Holidays
ed. Martin Greenberg, Edward Gorman, & Larry Segriff 
Ilene Schneider 
Holiday Grind
Cleo Coyle
ed. Abigail Browning 
It's certain that, while compiling my list,
I missed authors of note who fits this category.
Please email me if you see any glaring omissions
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