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November 2017: The Detective on Film
"Crime film and television has proliferated such influential variations as the Depression-era gangster film; the post-World War studies in corruption known as film noir; the pro-police procedural of that time; and then the violent rogue-cop stories that eventually became cop action in the 1980s ... Recent developments include the neo- noir erotic thriller; the rise of the corrupt cop anti-hero, paralleled by the forensic procedural, often focused on baroque serial killers; and the near disappearance of black crime movies from cinema screens. ... Hollywood studios have chased headlines in search of marketable stories, mainly those bearing on social problems of the day: incarceration, immigrant crime, prostitution, insurrection, corruption in government."
--Neal King, Rayanne Streeter, and Talitha Rose,
   Cultural Studies Approaches to the Study of Crime
A list of films and television shows featuring detectives begins on the right and continues at the bottom of the newsletter. Clicking on the title will bring you to a summary of the movie or show in question. " Place a hold" links to the first season of a series within our catalog, but keep in mind that many series have additional seasons. Happy mystery watching!
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