Representation of
LGBT People in Cinema

Beginning September 15 (and scheduled for the second Tuesday of each month after that) St. Paul's, Bakersfield, is hosting a series - via Zoom - called Close-Up exploring the representation of LGBT people in cinema. Each session will feature a film (or occasionally a documentary) as the focus of a presentation and conversation.  The featured film will be advertised well before the meeting with links to where it can be bought, rented and/or streamed.

The first meeting will center on the documentary The Celluloid Closet. Released in 1995 and based on Vito Russo's 1981 book of the same name. The documentary uses Russo's work and expands it with lectures and clip presentations detailing how LGBT characters have been portrayed in Hollywood films over the years. You can rent to stream the documentary via Amazon here. Two other documentaries that might be of interest are The Silver Screen: Color Me Lavender and LGBT Film History: The Early Years (1910s-1920s). The latter is free on YouTube, and focuses primarily on German cinema. Nevertheless, it is incredibly well-made and highlights how German representation of LGBT people in film before the Second World War informed and influenced Hollywood moviemakers.

Again, the first session will be Tuesday, September 15, and begins at 6.30pm. You can access the Zoom meeting via this link.