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Close Your Eyes- What Do You See?
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When You Close Your Eyes...
What Do You See?
This month of February, TLG is featuring a topic that is certainly highly relevant for the day...What Do You See When You Close Your Eyes?

Do you see people....just people...some good, some bad? Do you see Race? Gender? Beauty? Sexual Preference? Age? Political Party? Economic Station? Physical traits? Accents? Talent? Energy? Differences? Pain? Denial?

In honor of Black History month, this issue will honor not only racial diversity but many of the other differences that separate us from each other. Hoping that you will find ideas and words that resonate with you and help you to imagine a world without the hard divides that we see today and recognize the steps you can personally take to make a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive community.

TLG Staff
Tino's Corner
Lost But Not Forgotten

Lost But Not Forgotten

By Tino Mantella, TLG President & CEO 

"The world lost many people of significant reputation this past month. My writing will highlight Cicely Tyson, Hank Aaron, and John Chaney. Each lived long and rich lives – Tyson (96), Aaron (89), and Chaney (89). Age, their respective professions, and even race are not my compelling reason to recognize them. My motivation is to reflect on how each changed the world and the courage and integrity they displayed in doing it. " 
Books I am Reading
by Isabel Wilkerson

Challenging read for me. It’s really about how most people consciously or subconsciously give people rank and status based on the color of their skin, there characteristics, their religious beliefs, their ancestry, and other factors

by Robin DiAngelo, Michael Eric Dyson

Challenging white people to think differently and objectively about racism
Tino's Featured Product for February - DEI Survey
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Are you looking for a way to assess the atmosphere of trust, conflict resolution, and engagement within your organization? Ready to lead courageous conversations?

The DEI-focused survey is a robust tool with strong norms built upon a long-standing climate and culture assessment that TLG has used with clients for over two decades which now includes a specific DEI focus with benchmarks from a number of industries.

Reach out to me at TMantella@turknett.com to learn more about how to add this DEI survey tool to your DEI Program.
What Do You See?
How Mindfulness Helped a Workplace Diversity Exercise

How Mindfulness Helped a Workplace Diversity Exercise

by Dr. Patricia Thompson
TLG Senior Consultant
"A couple of years ago I was invited to facilitate an offsite training for the diversity committee of a Fortune 500 company. In an era in which “diversity” has become a buzzword in the business world, the firm’s interest in the topic was both admirable and understandable. Research shows that having an inclusive and diverse workforce is associated with creativity and innovation, and exposure to racial diversity has been linked to greater problem-solving skills and expanded perspective. The diversity committee, which had been meeting for about six months, seemed interested in trying something new. "
What I'm Reading...

I found this article very insightful, because as we are moving forward with vaccinations, it’s important to not only keep in mind race-related health disparities in the U.S., but also the well-earned mistrust that African-Americans have with the healthcare system in general. Armed with this knowledge, we can move forward with greater empathy for those who may be leery about being first in line for vaccinations.
My son just finished studying Jackie Robinson in his second grade class, and so I recently rewatched 42, starring Chadwick Boseman. Seeing Robinson's courage that allowed him to maintain his composure in the face of verbal and physical assaults. was incredibly inspirational.

It’s unbelievable to me that despite the immense pressure and indignities that he had to deal with, he became rookie of the year. What resolve he showed! Watching the movie was also bittersweet, given that Chadwick Boseman was an exceptional African American actor who we lost in his prime last year. Make sure to check him out in 42, Da 5 Bloods, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, and Black Panther to see just how talented he was.
Lyn Turknett- What I'm Reading...

Lyn Turknett
TLG Co-founder & Co-chair

"Imposter syndrome is loosely defined as doubting your abilities and feeling like a fraud. It disproportionately affects high-achieving people, who find it difficult to accept their accomplishments. Many question whether they’re deserving of accolades."

Here’s your somewhat regular reminder that “a group can be diverse, but an individual cannot be.” 
Really? Really! Female stereotypes still alive and kicking

Recently, the Tokyo Olympics organizing committee president and former Prime Minister of Japan made some controversial comments about women in meetings including that board meetings with women “take so much time” and “Women have a strong sense of competition. If one person raises their hand, others probably think, I need to say something too. That’s why everyone speaks.”

Fact Check:
Management scholar and author Adam Grant responded on Twitter with a different opinion, informed by research from Cornell University:
“Data: it’s usually men who won’t shut up.
(1) Men tend to talk more in meetings—even if more women are there
(2) Power leads men but not women to talk more
(3) Men interrupt more intrusively”

Regardless of the reasons — and regardless of the gender identity of the person being interrupted — allies have a role to play in creating inclusive meetings. When you work to minimize interruptions, you create a more equitable workplace, with the added bonus of helping everyone know that they’re valued members of the team.

Here are some everyday actions to take in your next meeting to help ensure that all voices are heard:
·        When someone is interrupted, interject and say you’d like to hear them finish.
·        If you see someone struggling to break into the conversation, say you’d like to hear other points of view.
·        If you see a “repeat offender” who frequently interrupts, pull them aside and point it out.

Marty Gupta- What I'm Reading

Marty Gupta
TLG VP Strategic Services

by Heather McGhee

In her new book, Heather McGhee, former president of think tank Demos and a frequent guest on NBC/Meet the Press, documents how zero-sum thinking about race and wealth harms everyone. The book draws on numerous economic studies and includes compelling stories of individuals across the country.
What are you doing to make sure everyone feels included?
Friday February 26, 2021
8am - 10am
Virtual Meeting

Fireside Chat with Njeri Nginyo, VP & Assistant General Counsel, ADP
As an African American and openly gay woman and leader, Njeri knows her topic well. Honored as the 2020 Diversity Champion in the ABC’s Corporate Counsel Awards, she leads a team of 20 attorneys and compliance officers at ADP, chairs the Women in Leadership Group, serves on the Conference Board Leadership Council on Advancing Women, and she is on the steering committee of ADP’s African American BRG and a member of their LGBTQ and Ally BRG. Njeri holds both J.D. and MBA degrees and is passionate about professional and personal development, as well as co-captained ADP’s 2019 Cycle for the Cause, a 275-mile fundraising bike ride for HIV/AIDS. 
Anne Quiello
TLG Senior Consultant
Guest Facilitator:
Dr. Barbara Reilly
TLG Sr. Consultant READ MORE
TLG Buzz
Susan B. Hitchcock Executive Development Fellowship
announced in partnership with Agnes Scott College
Susan B. Hitchcock Executive Development Fellowship established 2021

Excerpts from Press Release

The Turknett Leadership Group (TLG) today announced a special collaboration with Agnes Scott College (ASC) to honor Susan B. Hitchcock for years of dedication to both entities. The Susan B. Hitchcock Executive Development Fellowship has been established to recognize an ASC alumna who is five to ten years into a professional career in the business sector.

"It is impossible to measure the invaluable gift that Susan Hitchcock has been to the professional success of our Scottie network. From individual mentoring to invitations to Turknett Women in Leadership seminars, Susan opens doors, inspires growth and celebrates the professional success of Agnes Scott students and alums. And she has been doing it for so long we feel the ripple effect of her impact on each Scottie who pays it forward to another. Whether it is talking to students about job search options, the importance of practice interviews or the benefits of netweaving (as opposed to networking), Susan inspires with every interaction," said Leocadia I. Zak, Agnes Scott College President.

“Lyn and I, as founders of Turknett Leadership Group, can never thank Susan enough for the support and help she has given us in building the firm. She is the ultimate example of ‘there’s no limit to what you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit,” said Bob Turknett, TLG’s Co-founder and Co-chairman.

Paige Sullivan-2021 Recipient Announced
Susan B. Hitchcock Executive Development Fellowship
Turknett Leadership Group and Agnes Scott College Announce

Recipient of the Susan B. Hitchcock Executive Development Fellowship
Press Release Excerpts

Paige Sullivan, Agnes Scott alum and marketing manager at Central Atlanta Progress, has been named the 2021 Susan B. Hitchcock Executive Development Fellow by Turknett Leadership Group (TLG) and Agnes Scott College.

“Like me, Paige began her leadership journey at Agnes Scott. She now has over seven years of advanced education and solid business experience,” said Susan Hitchcock, Agnes Scott alum & TLG executive director emeritus of the Women in Leadership series. 

“It’s no surprise that Scotties—especially ones like Susan who has been an invaluable advocate for professional success at the college—look to connect and help fellow Scotties succeed after completing their Agnes Scott education,” said Agnes Scott President Leocadia I. Zak

TLG Welcome Jonathan Palombo to the Staff

TLG Welcomes
Jonathan Palombo
Marketing & communications Coordinator

Jonathan Palombo joined TLG on Monday, Feb. 15, as Marketing & Communications Coordinator. Jonathan has recently relocated to Georgia with his wife, Brookelyn, and is quickly embracing all things ATL! They are making their home in Fayetteville- go southside- and he is definitely learning the meaning of OTP and commuting.

Jonathan received his Bachelor’s of Business Administration with a focus in Marketing from Walsh College in 2019, and is a member of Delta Mu Delta.  TLG is excited about his skill set in social media, digital marketing, and website content creation. Good timing for TLG's new website which will debut in March!

Along with his business credentials, Jonathan has the heart of a servant leader, in keeping with the TLG culture. He is just as eager to "make a lasting impact in the life of others" as he is to advance his own career and the TLG brand.

Interesting facts about Jonathan include his hobby of photography, love of sports, and gaming. And his favorite food is BBQ, so he definitely landed in the right part of the country. Be sure to reach out to him at jpalombo@turknett.com with your fave BBQ spot!

Welcome to the TLG tribe, Jonathan. The future is bright! READ MORE
TLG to Launch New Website March 2021
TLG Launching New Website!
Be on the lookout for TLG's new website. Although our former site served us well over all these years, we were due for a refresh and upgrade. Hope you love the new look as much as we do!

Launching in March 2021
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