September / October 2020 | Volume 38 Issue 5
Audio-Reader Update
At the end of August Audio-Reader announced that our Lawrence studios will remain closed through 2020. If you missed the video, click on the image of Dan Skinner, our Director, for more details.

Until we can be back together in the studio there are still options for you to support Audio-Reader:
  • Record for Telephone Reader or the broadcast from your home.
  • Volunteer in the Sensory Garden, there are a lot of fall preparations to be done.
  • Call listeners who have asked for monthly check-in calls (informal "visiting" calls).
  • Join us for our weekly virtual coffee bar either via phone or computer (information in side bar above).
  • Donate financially.

Audio-Reader IS our volunteers, and you are never far from our thoughts. Whether you are reading right now, calling listeners and/or waiting anxiously to return to the studio...we hope you are well!
Audio Equipment & Vinyl Sale 9/24
Series of Facebook Live Audio Sales Replace Annual Benefit Sale

For the past 18 years, Audio-Reader has hosted a fall fundraiser called "For Your Ears Only." Audio equipment, vinyl records, CDs, DVDs and instruments that have been donated by the community are resold at this benefit event and have raised crucial funds for Audio-Reader.

Hundreds of people flock from around the region to attend our event, providing Audio-Reader with greater exposure each year. As the event has grown, the funds that are raised during this event have become essential in allowing us to continue providing reading and information services for individuals who are blind and visually impaired across Kansas, Missouri and nationwide. Last year's event alone raised $40,000!

It has become clear due to the Covid-19 pandemic that Audio-Reader will not be able to safely host this fundraiser in October in the same format it always has been conducted. Instead, Audio-Reader is hosting a series of online/virtual events where we are able to showcase featured items for sale and allow customers to purchase. We have already hosted three of these sales since July and have had enjoyed much success - selling lots of the items! Each sale features different guests such as Kansas Public Radio hosts and our audio equipment sale volunteers. If nothing else, these are fun to watch!

Our next sale will be on Thursday, September 24 at 6pm on Audio-Reader's Facebook Live page. Check out our Facebook Event page and our website for more information about the sale and be sure to share the event with your friends to help us spread the word! 
Volunteer Milestones during the Pandemic!
We recently surpassed a milestone for our pandemic operations - more than 4,000 audio files have been uploaded by home volunteer readers in the six months that we have been working and recording remotely!

Thanks so much to everyone who has rolled with the changes and put in the extra hours required to "pivot" to our new methods of volunteering and reading. This has meant Audio-Reader listeners have been able to rely on current news, audio information and entertainment during this difficult time.

Volunteer Donates 50% of Etsy Sales to A-R
Marchelle Brown started volunteering for Audio-Reader about a year ago. She reads the Iola Register each Thursday through our Telephone Reader system. She is also an avid and talented knitter. She recently opened her own Etsy shop and is donating HALF of her profits to Audio-Reader! Check our her beautiful items here:

Marchelle is also a songwriter and is currently learning to play the piano. She volunteers at Audio-Reader in honor of her mom who was legally blind.

Audio-Reader is thankful to Marchelle for sharing her many talents and generosity with us!!
2020 Anniversary Recipients
Audio-Reader is excited to celebrate the amazing commitment of its volunteers!

We are so grateful for Darcy Schild's (pictured right) 40 years of service to the blind and print disabled in Kansas and Missouri.

Joining our 35-year club is dedicated volunteer Karen O'Keefe.

Celebrating 30 years are Lois Hanzlik, Al Kaine, Max Mayse, Kimberly Morrow and Susan Tabor. Our fantastic 25-year recipients are Rex Buchanan, Les Carlson, Peg Sampson and Austin Turney. Lisa Hallberg, Marilyn Daniels, Cindy Penzler and Ann Chapman have served Audio-Reader for 20 years.

15-year recipients are George Norton, Debra Kirmer, Betsy Parker, Terry Betzen and Fred Miller. Jennifer Forth, Ruth Hughes, Susan McGee, Peter Knutson, Barbara Johnston, Jack Wilson, Michael Hauber, Judy McCormick Kelly Loeb and Goodwin Garfield celebrate 10 years of service.

Our dedicated volunteers who have served five years are Kim Kubel, Lyn Fields, Anrenee Reasor, David Williams, George Smith, Tracy Harrison, Brandon Edling, Stephen Grimm, Diane Carnell, Melinda Kearney, Thomas Kearney, Mary Beth Leininger, Matt Suggs, Maverick Moore, Sallie Downing, Wake Mitchell, Jay Hester, John Roper, Michael Cornelius, Rob Johnson, Susan Craig, Carol Cole, William Hawkins

If you see any errors or omissions in this list PLEASE let Alison ( know! She is VERY new to her position compared to all the fantastic volunteers on this list:) We want to make sure we recognize every long serving volunteer!