November / December 2019 | Volume 37 Issue 6
Broadcasters Brunch Success!
Audio-Reader has the most amazing volunteers, and we had a great time celebrating your many years of service in October!!

A total of 69 volunteers were recognized for their milestone years of service, including Audio-Reader's second longest-serving volunteer Chuck Fisher, for 45 years of service! The event ended with a recording of comments from Audio-Reader listeners expressing their appreciation and thanks. If you weren't able to attend, you can hear the comments by clicking the button below.
Anniversary Celebrants
Chuck Fisher has been reading the Lawrence Journal World every Monday for the last 45 years . He reads in honor of his grandfather, who lost his sight towards the end of his life. A listener wrote in "Chuck was the very first voice I heard and listened to when I got my radio from Peggy Sampson. I really enjoy listening to him as he has a very calm, comforting and passionate reading voice. He always interacts as if he really wants to be there and share the news of the day with the listener."
Jan Shumway wrote, on reflection of her 40 years of service to Audio-Reader: “There is a palpable sense of satisfaction in providing “sight through sound” for our listeners. This gift unites us as readers and encourages us to do our best each time we face the microphone. Resulting camaraderie brings us purpose and friendship. We are strongly supported by an encouraging staff who works every day to make lives meaningful.”
35 Years: Harold & Donna Riehm, Frank Day and Cristi Hansen (not pictured).
30 Years: Janis Hutchison & Stephen Smith
25 Years: Chris Miller & Carol Nauman (not pictured)
20 Years: Beverley Wilson, Carole Smith, Donna Conway, Carol Beth Whalen & not pictured: Janet Majure, Shelley Sandberg, Elinor Schroeder, Donald Braker
15 Years : Kay Campbell, Bruce Roberts, Helen Martin, Joe Sweet & not pictured: Hannes Combest, Gene Vollen, Sarah Peters, Nathan Poell.
10 Years : Ann Cobb, Betty Baron, Doug Washburn, Jayne Boggs-Varney, Lucas Houk & not pictured: Virginia Smith, Dan Compo, Lucas Houk, Katie Pierron, Dean Bevan, Aspen Junge, Mike Krings, Jenny O'Driscoll, Christine Bial, Cindy Baker
5 years : Lori Lange & not pictured:
Brittany Beck, Brenda Berg Dyck, Kathe Dougherty, Mary Hamler, Keri Lauxman, Randal Dyck, Michelle Suter, Rachel Monger, Nadia Hamid, Connie Mitchell, Kristi Kaylo, Vivian Davidson, Erin O'Neil, Mark Praeger, Jacqueline Pierce, Erin Bolton, Michael Dix, Chad Johanning, Janet Campbell, Susan McCarthy, Nancy Hause, Joel Wells, Don Miller, Lysle Holloway, Ann Place, Melissa Warren, Annette Tucker, Clark Lafever.
Holiday Hours
Building Hours & Assignments impacted
Audio-Reader will open 8 am and close early - at Noon on the following holidays:
  • Thursday, November 28th
  • Friday, November 29th
  • Wednesday, December 25th
  • Wednesday, January 1st
If you have an assignment on one of these holidays:
  • Satellite locations will NOT Read
  • Telephone Reader: read or ask for a sub
  • Breakfast Table Times: read or ask for a sub
  • Lawrence Journal World: read or ask for a sub
  • USA Today: OFF November 28, December 25 & January 1; Read or ask for a sub November 29
  • Wichita Eagle: read or ask for a sub
  • Sunflower Dailies, Eastern and Western Kansas live papers: OFF Not reading
  • Southeast Kansas and Missouri News Hour: Read (before 12 noon) or ask for sub 
  • Special Request: Reschedule to a different day if possible
  • Book Readers: Enjoy your days off!
If you aren't sure how the upcoming holidays will impact you, please ask. Send in sub needs as early as possible so we can make sure everything is covered. 
Volunteer Training
Audio-Reader will host a reader training at our Alphapointe location (7501 Prospect, KC, MO) on December 10th at 10 am. Join us for breakfast munchies and best reading practices. Learn how to position your mic, really engage your listeners and evaluate your own readings.
If you can't join us in person, join via phone or computer. Click on the following link or dial 669-900-6833 and enter Meeting ID: 132 094 079 on December 10th at 10 am!
Meet a Volunteer
By Kimberly Morrow, Volunteer & Listener
Anne Roberts began reading for Audio-Reader in January, 2019. Before her retirement after 35 years as a healthcare administrator, Anne was a faithful NPR listener on her daily commute to and from work. “One day, an announcement came on KANU about Audio-Reader and I thought, ‘Someday, when I retire, I’m going to do that’ And I did!”

Anne has read the Lawrence Journal-World and the University Daily Kansan. “I love reading the UDK, because in the intervening years since my children were in college, I had gotten away from listening to student voices.” Anne feels that reading aloud has made her a better reader from a personal standpoint as well. “When it comes to reading the newspaper, I’m a skimmer. Reading aloud forces you to really slow down and pay attention to the details.”

Anne is a married mother of three grown children. Her two granddaughters play a significant part in her life. A graduate of Regis University, Anne studied abroad in Rome. She encouraged her children to do likewise. Her daughter also studied in Italy, and fell in love with the language and culture. Her daughter, Sally Roberts-Pasqualli, now runs a business called A Slice of Tuscany, which coordinates travel excursions to Italy. Anne enjoys traveling often to Italy with Sally and Sally’s husband.

Entrepreneurship runs in the family. Following her retirement, Anne, too, started her own business. “Cooking With Yaya”, teaches children, ages two to five, to begin learning to cook. “I go into schools all over the Kansas City/metropolitan area and show children at an early age how much fun cooking can be.”

What does Anne admire most about other Audio-Reader volunteers? “I really admire people who pronounce names well. It takes real talent to come across a name and know exactly how to pronounce it on the spot.”

But wait, there’s more! Anne loves reading for Audio-Reader so much that she recently recruited her sister, Nora Quitno, who began reading as a substitute reader in mid-September. “I love Audio-Reader and it’s great to let others know about it.”
New Audio-Reader T-Shirts
T-Shirts are in. If you missed the order deadline, we have extra shirts, both v-neck and crew neck. Email Alison ( with your size and style request!

Suggested donation is $15 per shirt .
Calling All Audio Description Enthusiasts
Audio-Reader wants to create a committee to oversee the audio description program and assist with the program's growth.
Audio-Reader has provided audio description of live theatre since the mid 1990’s. Currently, our program provides description for Starlight Theatre Broadway Series, Theatre Lawrence, The Lied Center of Kansas and A Christmas Carol at Missouri Repertory Theater in addition to various public events and museum collections.

Roles needed for the audio description committee:
1.     Scheduler: work with current partners to make sure all scheduled shows are staffed, arrange for preview tickets, confirm with describers and liaisons regarding schedule. You’ll make great connections, it’s important but easy, and not a lot of time commitment!
2.     Marketing/Promotions: communicate with listeners and their families regarding audio described shows, availability of tickets and issues related to accommodation. Work with theaters to promote this accessibility option among all patrons. You’re already enthusiastic about Audio-Reader, this is your chance to tell others about our great AD program and really help us out, plus you’ll get to know a lot of our listeners and make connections with the theaters!
3.     Outreach/Fundraising: Help spread the word about AD! You can really get creative and have some fun with this, such as drafting letters to the editors of area newspapers, taking pictures of listeners and describers, providing demonstrations to potential new AD users and/or funders such as residents and staff of assisted living and senior housing, schools, civic organizations, staff and volunteers at area theaters, organizations serving individuals with disabilities, arts organizations, consumer groups and potential business sponsors.
4.     Training and continuing education: create a program to provide feedback to describers after each show, schedule periodic refresher training, and help with recruiting and training new describers. You know how much we all love getting training, feedback and hearing listener comments, so you can help us with this fun and popular request!

Audio-Reader staff will provide guidance and oversight of this committee as well as upkeep and maintenance of audio description equipment. This committee will meet quarterly as dictated by scheduled performances. Most likely, February, April, July and October with subcommittees meeting as duties require.

Interested individuals should contact Lori Kesinger at 785-864-4625 or
New Reader Resources
The Volunteer Resources and Training page on the Audio-Reader website has been updated!

Telephone Reader volunteers: Check out the Step-by-Step directions, a one-page handy reference document and an updated TR Handbook. Instruction Sheets are now available on our website!

There are also quick tips for Picture Description, how to read from local newspapers, training videos...and more to come!

Audio-Reader has a Podcast
Audio-Reader recently launched a new podcast series called Good Works in the Heartland. This podcast celebrates the organizations and individuals who are improving the lives of others throughout Kansas, Missouri and the Midwest. Our first podcast featured the Senior Resource Center.
Welcome New Volunteers
Tim McCullagh is reading the Anderson County Advocate for Telephone Reader. He is an Operations Director for a transportation company. Tim enjoys cooking, reading and running during his down time.

Brady Brite writes for Bass Pro Shop's corporate office and is reading the Springfield News-Leader on Saturdays for Telephone Reader. Brady has friends with visual impairments and he wants to apply his skills to improving someone's life.
2 - Rachel Monger
3 - Brett Leopold
4 - Bill Beningfield & Caroline Ong
5 - Cynthia Chandler-Clayton, Aspen Junge & Nadia Hamid
6 - Lynn Villafuerte & Pamela Baughman
10 - Susan Craig & Marilyn Daniels
11 - Kim Radell & Marianne Lafex
13 - Maverick Moore
14 - Rex Buchanan
19 - Frank Day
20 - Joe Sweet
22 - Janet Majure
23 - Cat Hollyer & Rebecca Reagan
24 - Karen DeVictor
26 - Jenny O'Driscoll & Steven Meyer
29 - Sandy Poneleit
1 - Linda Irving
2 - Randy Austin
3 - Mike Lewis & Susan Stone
5 - Jill LaPoint
7 - Leigh Ann Monthey
10 - Charles Higginson & Barbara Schountz
11 - William Woody
12 - John Robertson
14 - Erika Fields
15 - Kay McIntyre, Dave Corley, Lisa Werner & Danny Mantyla
16 - Elaine Roberts
20 - Darren Davis
21 - Steve Bryant
22 - Ann Evans
24 - David Siewert & Ron Scoles
26 - Elinor Schroeder
27 - Laurie Chadwick-Entrup & Maureen Guth
30 - Stephen Grimm
31 - Dan Compo