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Close more sales & Build loyalty when Prospects & Customers contact your business
A PWC survey found that over 65% of consumers say a positive customer experience plays a bigger role in their decision to buy than advertising. 

Here are 5 ways to treat your customers better when they reach out to your business:

1. Speed – Long wait times are a top source of customer frustration, so reducing them should be a priority. To start, analyze call data to understand and eliminate bottlenecks and gaps. Intelligent call-routing technology can be deployed so that customers reach the right support team on the first call.

2. Omnichannel Options – There are more ways than ever for customers to engage with your business, so it's crucial for your employees to know their way around every outreach channel your company offers - voice, text, email, chat, social media, etc. When employees can navigate seamlessly from one channel to another, they’ll better serve your customers.

3. Mobility – Your sales team and subject matter experts need to be a click away, even if they're traveling or working remotely. Serving customers' needs in the moment enable them to close sales, resolve issues and answer questions immediately. The customer gets what they need when they need it.

4. CRM Integration – With CRM access, your employees will have immediate access to detailed customer information, which enables an informed, more personalized conversation. Customer interactions are more engaging, and issues are resolved faster.

5. Scripting Modules – Scripts can now be dynamically manipulated during calls, allowing staff to navigate between versions. When integrated with internal apps and data, your employees can retrieve relevant information to better serve demanding customers.

Better communications technology will help close sales and keep your customers coming back for more. Let's talk about your customer experience. Contact CTS at: 800.787.4848 or
How Cloud and Mobile are revolutionizing Eldercare and Healthcare
The eldercare industry and healthcare providers are undergoing a radical transformation. Today, people live longer and want to spend their final years living at home. Healthcare providers are challenged with keeping healthcare affordable as they look to new technological advances to provide better patient care.

How can you provide seamless, integrated communications for the elderly living at home or in a long-term care facility? How can you deliver a personalized and quality care patient experience, while at the same time reducing costs?

CTS and Mitel provide customized healthcare systems that connect patients with our region’s leading hospitals and group practices. 

Mitel Healthcare Solutions are: 

  • HIPAA Certified – Go with a provider that's HIPAA certified, so your communications are protected on-site or in the cloud.

  • Improve Productivity – More effective workflows mean quicker check-ins, quicker check-outs, and more productive shifts.

  • Generate More Revenue – Better care means higher satisfaction and reimbursement rates.

Seamless connections between patients and their providers – including hospitals and primary care doctor’s offices - is key to giving patients the best care possible and increasing efficiency.

Let’s discuss new ways to improve your patient experience: 800.787.4848 or
FCC announces Q4 Contribution Factor for Universal Service Fund
Universal service is the principle that all Americans should have access to communications services. Universal service is also the name of a fund and the category of FCC programs and policies to implement this principle and related programs, which include:

  • Connect America Fund (formally known as High-Cost Support) for rural areas

  • Lifeline (for low-income consumers), including initiatives to expand phone service for residents of Tribal lands

  • Schools and Libraries (E-rate)

  • Rural Health Care

Quarterly Contribution Factor

Each quarter telecommunications carriers - including wireline and wireless companies, VoIP providers, and cable companies that provide voice service - must pay a percentage of their interstate and international end-user revenues to the Universal Service Fund as a contribution factor.

The Commission calculates the industry’s quarterly contribution factor based on the ratio of total projected quarterly costs of the universal service support mechanisms to contributors’ total projected collected end-user interstate and international telecommunications revenues, net of projected contributions.

The proposed contribution factor for 4Q-2022 is 0.289 or 28.9%

We’ll continue to keep you informed on FCC actions that may impact your services and costs. Contact CTS today at 800.787.4848 or
eBook: Why RingCentral is the best solution for Mitel Customers to upgrade to the Cloud
During this era of hybrid work, it’s essential to stay ahead of the game with technology and communication efforts.

Learn why RingCentral is the best solution for existing Mitel on-premises system customers to upgrade to the cloud!

This eBook explains how to integrate an all-in-one UCaaS into your organization. Strengthen the way you collaborate within your workplace – from anywhere and everywhere.

Our local team of experts will get you up to speed. Contact CTS today: 800.787.4848 or
Capture, playback & share Voice Documentation with Mitel Call Recorder
Call recording enables your business to record active calls or conference calls. The files are stored to be transcripted or listened to when you need them later. Call recording is also known as phone recording or voice logging.

The Benefits of Voice Documentation

  • Problem-solving: Records of interactions between employees and customers assist in conflict resolution.

  • Quality service: If you knew someone was listening to your every word, you'd conduct yourself professionally. In the same way, call recordings encourage employees to remain professional, even if customers address them with hostile behavior.

  • Client satisfaction: Logging and filing calls that relate to one client assists your company in referring to conversations in question, be it for clarification or legal defense.

  • Practical training: New employees need direction to ensure a united brand philosophy. While in training, monitoring calls will enable supervisors to check in and assist/correct trainees where necessary.

  • Legal compliance: Many businesses need to align with state law, and by recording calls, you will be able to protect your company if there is a dispute.

Unlock the full potential of your Customer Experience with the addition of an automated call recording solution. Contact CTS today: 800.787.4848 or
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