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Despite having more than enough time to clean out and re-organize my closet, have I done it? No. Not for lack of trying. Within an hour, I have created an even bigger mess than when I started and am completely exhausted. So what do I do?  Start another sewing project. After discussing this problem with a friend of mine, Randy Strong, a prolific glass blower and friend for 40 years, he theorized that we who create find it extremely difficult to let go of anything we have created one of because they represent a time and space in our lives that we are reluctant to let go of. We can move forward but not backward. Perhaps Randy is right. I have no problems getting rid of anything that I bought, but if I made it, I feel like I am giving away one of my children. So many memories are tied up in that closet!
I do have suggestions for avoiding closet clean up. I have watched a few great shows on Netflix or Amazon Prime. The musical EVITA, with a young Madonna and Javier Bardem is fabulous. I had seen it years ago twice in the theaters and now again at home. I LOVED IT.  My husband and I also enjoyed the Frank Sinatra two part biography series: FLY ME TO THE MOON.  You may remember celebrity cook; JEREMIAH TOWER, who started his career at Chez Panisse in Berkeley, CA, opened and operated STARS in San Francisco. I loved the bio on his life as well.
I have read a few more Lars Kepler books, so addictive and now am enjoying LOVE AFTER LOVE, by Ingrid Persaud. Enough for distractions. For the past week I have been mulling over the question: What period of history do I find the clothes flattering on a lot of body types as well as interesting in detail?  At the moment I am playing around with the idea of 1920's fashion revised in 2020. I am doing a lot of sketching at the moment.
Dan and I are still cooking like maniacs. Last night he made PORK AND PEACHES, from my cookbook COUTURE COOKING
and used fresh peaches. Unbelievable! One last thing, now that we are no longer in the San Francisco loft, we have lost a major storage area in the basement of the building. The result is that I need to sell off sell off some of the POWER SEWING TOOLBOX 1 & 2 books. These books are big and take up a lot of room. Since they are filled with a lot of good sewing information, perhaps these would make awesome Christmas or birthday gifts for a sewing friend since you can now buy 2 for the price of one at ONLY $24 (Reg. $48). That' s all for today. Stay happy, healthy and loving.  
  • Two spiral bound 8 ½ x 11 books with over 170 pages each full of step by step color photos.
  • Be inspired by garments from Sandra Betzina's wardrobe as she takes you step by step through each technique from start to finish.
What's included: invisible zippers, success with snaps, pant front stay, sleeve detailing, seam embellishments, pleat perfection, balancing a pattern, stretch tulle mastery, v neckline insets, neckline binding, lining without a pattern, welt pockets, lining just the sleeve, mitered binding, redesigning collars for sharp points, and much more.
*Each book contains a DVD with video instruction for some of the more difficult techniques.
*Sale ends 8/26/20

(Reg. $48)

Spotlight Lessons
Watch 2 classic online tutorials that continue to be useful today!
Episode 96: Button Loops
Button loops can be functional or decorative, but if you are making more than one, you better learn this technique from S & R which will guarantee that all of them are the exact same size, even on a tricky fabric like chiffon.  
Episode 201: Easiest V-Neck Insert (+ Button Upkeep)
We have all tried various techniques for making a V-neck insert and most of them are confusing and less than satisfying. I have come up with a new technique to the V-neck insert which is very easy. I don't know why I had not thought of this before. You will love it.
We have also an added sewing tip about button upkeep. How to best dry clean or wash a blouse with very nice buttons without having to worry about them breaking or being damaged.

Close fitting, mandarin collar, multi-seam jacket with pockets, fur hook closure. A: button & braid trim, piping. B: fur contrast.
FABRICSWool Crepe, Wool Boucle, Stretch Wovens, Contrast B:Low Pile Faux Fur, Lining A, B: Satin, Crepe de Chine.

Boxy, lined vest with oversized shawl collar & pleated back. Lantern style cuffed pants with contoured front band, elasticized back & pockets.
FABRICS: Medium Weight Wool, Stretch Wovens. 


Although I love cookbooks, during this shutdown, I realize that I do not need 20 of anything. I wrote this cookbook because, I thought what you might like right now are 50 recipes that are easy, foolproof and wow-worthy. These are not so so recipes, the results are fantastic or I would not still be making them. This recipe book might also make perfect birthday or Christmas gifts.
Price: $19.95 per book or special of 3 for $50
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