We had a busy year pursuing many avenues, new and old, in search of more effective treatments and a cure for MPN patients. 

In 2017 we continued to grow the network of MPN advocates helping patients globally; sent information kits about PV, ET and MF to hundreds of newly diagnosed MPN patients and their caregivers; launched myMPN, the first registry created by a patient advocacy organization for MPN where patients control what researchers have access to their data; awarded 5 new research grantsset up the MPN Interferon Initiative ; held the first meeting for the Progression Marker Project met with the FDA to learn about how to become better advocates; updated our clinical trials  page; attended patient education events online and in person hosted by our fellow MPN advocates; heard from the MPN experts at ASH  and held a Roundtable of MPN researchers to find out what unmet need we should focus on in 2018. 

While our community has cheered big breakthroughs when other diseases found their miracle cures, we have waited. There were no new drugs approved for MPN in 2017. No blockbuster scientific breakthroughs. It can be disheartening or discouraging to wonder when our big break will come. 

But we do have hope and optimism because we are investing in MPN research today that will pay off for people living with these rare cancers.

Every day, our staff, board and scientific advisers wake up with a sense of purpose and commitment to make life better for people living with PV, ET and MF. This is the motivation and goal that keeps us going. Here's to what we hope will be a positive new year for people living with and caring for MPN patients everywhere. 
Michelle Woehrle
Executive Director  


MPN Advocacy and Education International's list of MPN events for 2018
The list of cities includes San Antonio, Chicago, Nashville and more. This is a chance to hear directly from MPN specialists on issues you care about.  Click here for the complete list

MPN Researchers discuss the news from ASH on video

Drs. Angela Fleischman and John Crispino address questions stemming from the research news from the American Society of Hematology. Click here to watch now.    
MPN Clinical trials now recruiting!

Enrolling: MF patients who have been 
on a stable dose of Ruxolitinib

Drug: Navitoclax
Company: Abbvie

Study name: A Study Evaluating Tolerability and Efficacy of Navitoclax in Combination With Ruxolitinib in Subjects With Myelofibrosis

Enrolling: Myelofibrosis patients

Drug: Sotatercept
Company: Celgene / Acceleron

Study name: Study of Sotatercept (ACE-011) in Subjects With Myeloproliferative Neoplasm (MPN)-Associated Myelofibrosis (MF) and Anemia

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