July 11, 2018
Standing Still at the Speed of Light With All Our Technology, Why Does It Take as Long to Close a Loan as It Did Forty Years Ago?  
I was talking with a customer recently, and he asked me how we managed to transact business forty years ago.  After all, there was no email, no fax, no voice mail, no Federal Express, no conference calling, and no word processing.  The only Cloud I knew was the one that seemed to hover perpetually over the gloomy city of Bridgeport, Connecticut, where I worked at my first banking job.
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Across the Transom...
Here's a look at some of the news we've seen this week.

Diamond Resorts™, a global leader in the hospitality, vacation ownership and entertainment industries, treated members to an exclusive event on Monday, July 9, 2018 with country music singer and songwriter Lauren Alaina, who took the stage for the first time as a Diamond Celebrity ambassador. Alaina, who joined Diamond in May 2018, performed the private concert at the Aviation Museum in Virginia Beach, Virginia as part of the Diamond Live concert series.

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