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At CCE, our work is guided by our vision--to create an  equitable world in which every student is college- and career-ready, and prepared to become a thoughtful   citizen.  As this November comes to an end, we are thinking deeply about how we can support all students,  f rom diverse racial, economic, and cultural backgrounds,  to   participate in today's society . In a recent article I wrote for  ASCD's Disrupting Inequity issue , I  discuss   how  public schools are a microcosm of  the larger society around us.   If we  are to prepare  every student  for college, career, and participation in a more socially just world , we need  to start  by   dismantling the opportunity gaps and cultural barriers to equity  that exist in our schools. I invite you to read the entire article,  Closing Opportunity and Cultural Competency Gaps .  

Dan French  
Executive Director
Program Update
MA Personalized Learning Network
Currently,  CCE's  Massachusetts Personalized Learning 
Network  (MA PLN) is  in the process of approving  personalized learning school design plans  for our Cohort 1 and 2 schools .  In a few short months,  these  schools will  begin  to  incorporate personalized learning strategies in their classrooms to better  serve their  students  

In early 2017, we will be releasing an  official call for applications to join  MA PLN's  Cohort 3! If you  would like more information about  how to join  the network, please contact Stacy Young at    
Partnership Spotlight
Scaling Up PBG School Showcase in RI
Scaling Up Proficiency Based Graduation (PBG)--a partnership between CCE and the  Rhode Island Department of Education--is a network of Rhode Island secondary schools working collaboratively to create high-quality performance assessments as part of the state's Graduation by Proficiency policy.
On November 9th, the Scaling  Up  PBG network 
convened at the Providence Public Library for its second annual School Showcase. Over a dozen schools from acros s the state came to share about their efforts to  create rich, student -centered learning experiences and  build the assessment literacy of practitioners. In his lunchtime remarks, Education Commissioner Kenneth Wagner outlined the importance  of creating   design practices and systems  that  allow for innovation and learning  in Rhode Island's schools . For the 2016-17 school  year , Scaling Up PBG will  strive to become a space  for this innovative thinking to occur.
CES Fall Forum
Coalition of Essential Schools' Fall Forum  is right around the corner! CCE's Michael Brownstein will be presenting on Saturday, December 3.  During   his  session,  Non-Cognitive Skills: Wouldn't it be Wonderful?,  educators will increase their know ledge  of how to teach non-cognitive skills and create scoring norms around student work that assesses these important skills.  
Our Blog Excerpt
"The worst fear of those of us who opposed the measure-that Question 2 would dismantle public education in MA, district by district, and leave charter schools free from accountability to the communities in which they reside-will not come to pass...With this victory at our backs, supporters of public education cannot rest easy. Those of us who pushed to defeat this measure argued that it was not the right solution to improving public education; now it is incumbent upon us to ensure a just education is provided to every student."

Read Diana Lebeaux and Dan French's complete blog post,   Question 2 Was Defeated - Now What? .
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