Reflecting on Phase I Successes, 
NRMN Team Awaits Phase II Beginnings
The National Research Mentoring Network was established by the National Institutes of Health to promote diversity in biomedical sciences. As Phase I draws to a close, we reflect on our accomplishments, including thousands of individuals who have participated in our online mentorship programs or been trained in mentoring and grantsmanship.  We hope you enjoy our final Phase I newsletter and take the time to read some of the publications that resulted from this ongoing research. 
Mentor of the Month: Joseph Ayoob, PhD
Headshot of Dr. Ayoob

Dr. Joseph  Ayoob  is an Associate Professor in the computational and systems biology department at the University of Pittsburgh.  Dr.  Ayoob  is also one of 4 NRMN Master Mentors.

NRMN Featured in Scientific Mentoring Toolkit from AAAS
Cover Image for Handbook_ STEM Mentoring Strategies
American Association for the Advancement of Science Includes NRMN in STEM Mentoring Toolkit

This recently released report summarizes findings from the AAAS/NSF 2016/17 Mentor Alumni Meetings. It includes information on mentorship research, new directions, and recommended next steps on mentorship in STEM. 

Reflections on NRMN at the January 2019 Key Personnel Meeting

Last January, NRMN faculty and staff convened at the University of Puerto Rico, San Juan Medical Campus, to discuss current and ongoing projects and the immense progress we have made in the past five years. We are thankful to the University of Puerto Rico for their invitation and warm reception. 

Learn about Mentorship, Grantwriting, and Advancing the Ranks in Academia!
- looking forward to the future.
Please continue to use our resources to maximize your next mentorship journey. 

NRMN Publications
Be sure to read some of our most recent publications as a result of NRMN Phase I funding.  

NRMN Glossary
The National Research Mentoring Network has assembled these terms to help you navigate the mentorship ecosystem. 

NRMN Career Development Webinars
Nationwide consortium of biomedical professionals and institutions collaborating to provide enhanced networking, professional development, and mentorship! Watch these webinars to help you navigate your next scholastic journey.

Currently the MyMentor platform, our guided virtual  mentorship program is paused. Please bear with us  during this transition phase. 

Should you have any  urgent questions or requests, please reach out to Be sure to check out updates for  MyMentor on
Opportunities Outside of NRMN: Upcoming Conferences
Society for Leukocyte Biology 2019 Annual Meeting
November 15-18, 2019
Westin Copley Place, Boston, MA
Award and presentation opportunities for participants at all career levels with special opportunities for trainees with poster flask talks, session co-chairing opportunities, and a new elevator pitch contest.  New program additions include several professional development workshops including a focus on Building Your LinkedIn Profile Building the Right Team Through Great Leadership,  and Advocating For Your Goals: The Art of Saying No, So You Can Say Yes.

2019 TWD- Directors' Meeting
July 30-August 2, 2019
Rockville, MD

The meeting will address the value of sustained networking among the grantees, students and other communities served by these programs. The meeting will enable program directors to learn more about other TWD programs; establish connections with potential new partners, especially regional "neighbors"; and collectively address the Institutes' research training objectives. NRMN personnel hopes to be in attendance. 

We would love to stay connected with you! Don't forget to tag us or use #NRMNmentoringMatters in your social posts! We love sharing our community in action. NRMN also started a Flickr account, so please take a look at some of the accomplishments our community has achieved by joining forces with powerful leaders. 

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